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Business Set Up

Cekindo helps its clients with business set up in Indonesia

The decision to start business set up in a new market is critical. Activities in the new country that involve substantial investment may lead to  high risk because of different economic, cultural, political, and technological conditions that create major challenges.

Professional assistance is important to ensure that your business is set up properly. Just as every other market does, Indonesia has its own characteristics. Proper understanding requires deep insight into its culture, customs, and business environment.

Thanks to our local team and extensive expertise, Cekindo can advise you on the most suitable way to enter the market effectively. Cekindo provide services even for big company registration such as construction company registration indonesia.

We provide comprehensive consultancy services to guide our clients through the process of starting up a business in Indonesia.

Company Registration

Establishing a legal presence in Indonesia can be done two ways: the Representative Office and Foreign Direct Investment – Limited Liability Company (in Indonesia called PT PMA).

Closing Company

To dissolve a company, a set of lawful efforts need to be done based on the Indonesian Company Law.  Dissolution of the company in Indonesia should be resolved legally.

Offshore Company Registration

Without a doubt, the offshore company has become one of the most best and brilliant business tools for overseas investment and international trading.

Business and Import Licenses

In Indonesia, if you want to expand your business or distribute your product, you must apply for at least one of several types of licenses. At Cekindo, we can help you with all the licenses that are necessary for your particular business.

Product Registration

Cosmetic product registration IndonesiaServices of product registration is one of the the bureaucratic requirements for product distribution in Indonesia.  Product manufacturers or Indonesian distributors must register their products before those products can be imported, sold and used in Indonesia.

Market Research and Analysis

Adequate knowledge and understanding of a new market is critical before deciding to enter that market. Successful market entry strategy usually involves extensive market study to understand the local market situation.

Local Partner Selection

Small and medium foreign entities that prefer not to pursue Foreign Direct Investment may be able to engage in direct exporting by using a local partner to import their products or by creating a contractual agreement for projects.

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