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Blacklisted from Indonesia? How to Return Legally

Posted 24.11. 2017 by Cekindo

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Unless you have no reason to go back to Indonesia, finding yourself blacklisted can be both frightening and confusing. Will you go to jail? Can you ever come back? Most of all, how do you remove yourself from the list and come to Indonesia again?

Let’s tackle each of the questions. One, will you go to jail? It depends on the activities you did while you’re in the country. If you’ve been smuggling drugs or working illegally, jail time could be waiting for you besides being blacklisted. However, the no.1 reason for it is overstaying.

Fortunately, if you overstay for less than 60 days after your visa expiration, it’s possible you can leave the country after paying a fine of IDR 300,000 (~$22) for each day you’ve overstayed. You can settle that in the Immigration Office, and you may or may not get yourself blacklisted. Almost always, you join the statistics if you stayed for more than 60 days.

Can You Come to Indonesia Back?

Being blacklisted is different from being deported, although both tend to go hand in hand. Fortunately, you can be on the list permanently or temporarily. If your issue is just overstaying, it’s possible that you will only be dealt with a temporary ban on re-entry, which also means you can still come to Indonesia.

But the bigger question is, how do you exactly do that? The first step is to make sure you can have your ban lifted.

A temporary blacklist means you cannot go back to the country within 6 months. But this can be extended for another 6 months automatically by the computerized immigration system. So unless you verify and submit your appeal to the immigration office, you may still find yourself denied entry after 6 months are over.

To check and submit your appeal, here are the basic steps:

  1. Confirm you’re still on the list. Don’t assume. The most convenient would have been to call or email, but knowing how the immigration is super busy, you may not receive a reply immediately. To be sure, ask someone, a friend or a proxy, to confirm this for you.
  2. Submit your documents. These include petition letter called surat permohonan with IDR 6,000 materai, as well as a copy of your passport (including the page with the blacklist stamp), ID, and other Indonesian-related documents. Keep in mind that when it comes to the letter, only someone with a legal status in the country can do so. If you don’t have a sponsor, Cekindo can sign the letter on your behalf.
  3. Wait for the response. Hopefully, within the same day, your representative will receive the letter stating your request has been approved. He or she will then send the copy to your nearest embassy so you may now process your corresponding visa.

Cekindo Can Help You!

When it comes to getting blacklisted, the sentiments are almost the same: it’s always nerve-racking. And your fear and apprehension can increase the rejection of your appeal. You may also commit more mistakes.

We highly advise, therefore, to let Cekindo help you:

  • Assist you to process your removal request and function as your immigration representative
  • Help you create the request letter with the highest chance of approval.
  • Assist you to process the correct visa and Indonesia work permit, among others, to make sure you’ll never get blacklisted again.

Our business consultants will be with you every step of the way. We can guide you through the whole process so you’ll never feel alone and scared. With us, you can rest assured we’ll find the right solution to your problem.

If you ever find yourself blacklisted and in need to come to Indonesia, call us right away at +6221 806 609 99 and or email us at info@cekindo.com.


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