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Food Beverages Sectors in Indonesia

Indonesia has both a substantial and interesting market as well as a market with very specific requirements.

  • The Indonesian Food and Beverage Producers Association predicted the market to grow by at least 11% to $US77.6 billion in 2014.
  • In 2012, the product value of Indonesia’s large and medium food processing industry was US$71.7 billion.
  • Statistic Indonesia (BPS) said global F&B export reached US$4.83 billion.
  • Soft drink sales are estimated to have increased 11.7% in 2014 with a CAGR 2014 to 2018 of 9.3%.
  • Products in strong demand are packaged food, fruits, vegetables, seafood, healthy food, cooking oil, gourmet food, Tean and Coffee.
  • Halal food is very important because almost 90% of the population is Muslim.

Food Beverages Drinking


Observant Muslims purchase Halal foods, which have stringent requirements for processing and labeling.

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Halal registration in Indonesia
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The food and beverage sector is where Indonesia’s local companies have made a mark in value-added products. The growth of this sector in Indonesia is powered by rising incomes and increased spending on food by the middle class.

Food Beverages household expenditures

Food Beverages Household Expenditures

The association of consumption increases and higher spending goes hand by hand with the trend of lifestyle urbanization and a more varied diet.  This is also supported by the development of the retail infrastructure, particularly malls and hypermarts. The Indonesian processed food market is dominated by several large local companies. But international companies brands such as Nestle, Kraft, and Unilever are successfully penetrating the market as well. They are also trying to appeal to the growing health consciousness of the Indonesian middle class to strengthen their position in the market. Indonesia’s food and beverage sector is estimated to include more than 6,000 companies. Most of them are classified as large and medium-sized companies. Processed foods steadily increased at an annual rate of 14.1%  from 2006 to 2010, driven by rising incomes as well as inflation. Total sales for 2010 reached US$ 63.4 billion.

Between 2012 and 2017, the forecast market growth rate for food in real dollar terms

Food Beverages by category

According to Statistic Indonesia (BPS), F&B export to the world was US$ 4.83 billion with 14.93% growth during 2009-2013. Meanwhile GAPMMI reported that import products in third quarter of 2013 reached US$5.356 billion. Malaysia was the top source of imports for Indonesia, accounting for 23.69 percent, followed by China (14.22 percent) and Thailand (9.7 percent). According to GAPMMI secretary-general Franky Sibarani, overseas producers are seeking alternative destinations. And they see Indonesia as a promising market due to its stable economic growth and its large population.

In 2013, total soft drink sales were close to 30 billion liters in Indonesia and bottled water (AMDK) accounted for almost 60%. A global FMCG from France (DANONE) holds a bottled water market share of more than 40% in Indonesia. Accounting for more than 10 billion liters of drinking water sold. Soft drink industry growth in Indonesia is about 8-9 percent annually.

In the food sector, there is strong demand for products such as packaged foods, fruits, vegetables, seafood,  gourmet foods, canned drink. The market for canned or processed foods (meat, fish / seafood, vegetables, fruit, pasta, and other fast food) grew an average of 11 percent per year,  reaching US$ 390.63 million in 2012. The 2012 noodle market reached US$1.78 billion, growing 10% to US$1.79 billion 2013. The biscuit market reached US$1.02 billion in 2012.

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