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Medical Devices

Indonesia, with a population of more than 240 million, is a medical device market that has great potential.

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  • The CAGR of medical devices is estimated at 16.7 percent for 2013-2018.
  • The Indonesian market for medical supplies was valued at US$593.8 million in 2013 and imports supply an estimated 97.2%.
  • The largest class of medical imports is medical consumable products.
  • Domestic manufacturers can only produce primary medical products, such as surgical gloves, bandages, orthopedic aids and hospital furniture.
  • Foreign manufacturers of medical devices have always faced numerous obstacles in Indonesia.

Medical Devices in Indonesia


However, foreign manufacturers of medical devices have always faced numerous obstacles and challenges in entering this market, despite the fact that Indonesia relies mainly on imported medical devices due to the lack of any established local manufacturers. This market has an estimated CAGR of 16.7 percent for 2013-2018.


market analysis of medical products in Indonesia

Indonesia can only produce primary medical products such as surgical gloves, bandages and orthopedic products. The largest medical imports are medical consumable products, particularly injection needles and catheters, which make up about 20% of the market. A number of multinational companies, such as CIBA Vision, manufacture products in Indonesia because it has low labor costs and a weaker currency policy.  They then export the products to other countries.
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Medical Devices and Medical Institute

In order to conduct the sale and local distribution of drugs and medical devices in the Indonesian market, a company must have local Indonesian office (Foreign Direct Investment) or select a local distributor with good regulatory capabilities. The registration of medical devices falls under regulation No. 1477/C/SK/IV/91, supervised by the Indonesian Director General of Food and Drugs under the Ministry of Health. Indonesia’s Ministry of Health is responsible for bidding all public hospital procurement for disposable medical supplies and medical devices.

Many new private medical institutes or clinics have been opened in major cities. With large-scale investment in purchasing advanced medical devices, the market demand for medical products has increased. Most medical expenses are in the private health care system, accounting for 53.4% of overall health care spending. This include of which private consumption accounts for 66.4%. The island of Java offers a higher standard of medical care in Indonesia, especially the capital, Jakarta. The need for high-quality medical services has led to the establishment of small and state-of-the-art private hospitals.

The medical supply market in Indonesia was US$420 million in 2011, which is an increase of 17.8% over the 2010 level of US$357 million. According to Espicom, the Indonesian medical supply market size was valued at US$593.8 million in 2013. Most of the Indonesian medical device market is supplied by imports (an estimated 97.2% in 2013). By product, the largest market share was that of diagnostic imaging devices, which account for almost 35.0% of the market. Consumable products hold the second largest market share with 23.8%, followed by auxiliary equipment at 5.7%, dental products at 2.2%, and orthopedic implants at 2.2 %. Other types of medical devices accounted for 31.2 % of the market. Indonesia is the 12th most attractive market in the Asia Pacific region for commercializing a medical device, according to BMI Espicom’s Medical.

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