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Taxation in Indonesia

Income taxation system in Indonesia

Posted 26.05. 2015 by Nurmia Agustina , last update on 18.09. 2018

With current global condition, emerging market countries are the latest investment destinations, and Indonesia is no exception. If you are planning to open a business in Indonesia, you may know that the overall process can be quite a hassle due to bureaucratic and legal matters. Once you’re finished with those matters, the next important thing is to understand …

Accounting and Tax Reporting in Indonesia – Deadlines, Warnings and Recommendations

Posted 2.12. 2015 by Cekindo , last update on 18.09. 2018

Understanding of Taxation in Indonesia It is compulsory that any PT PMA in Indonesia has to pay taxes and report the company’s financial status regularly. Many of Indonesian taxes that should be paid by PT PMA are similar to what stakeholders should pay in different countries. Among them are monthly and annually withholding taxes, monthly and annually …

Corporate tax and personal income tax in Indonesia

Posted 29.12. 2014 by Cekindo , last update on 13.09. 2018

Tax is a central issue in investment matters no matter where you are. Because tax is a major contributor to a country’s income, the amount of tax imposed is often a determining factor for investors who are considering entering a market country. Corporate tax or company tax refers to a tax imposed on entities that are taxed at …

Batam, the free trade zone in Indonesia

Posted 13.01. 2015 by Pandu Ramadhan , last update on 9.08. 2018

The Free Trade Zone, known as an FTZ, has been discussed among investors, businesses, the government and the general community for the past few months. In mid-2006, the heads of State of the Republic of Indonesia and Singapore met in Batam, Nongsa and agreed on a number of cooperative efforts, including the framework for economic cooperation investments. On January 19, …

Investing in Indonesia: Some Changes Should be Known

Posted 1.06. 2015 by Petr Stejskal , last update on 18.09. 2018

Currently, Indonesia in ranks 114 out of 118 of ease doing business based on latest survey from World Bank. However, along with the new government, some business laws and regulations in various sectors have been changed to be tighter than before. Cekindo helps you understand the critical points about investing in Indonesia. After Jokowi was …