Most Common Questions about Work Permit in Indonesia

Posted 28.02. 2017 by Cekindo / Last update on 10.05. 2017

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Most Frequent Questions about Getting Work Permit in Indonesia

We have compiled the most frequent questions which we received from our clients about work permit in Indonesia, to help you get more clues about work permit process here. Check out!

The application process will do simultaneously, however, the dependant visa will only available for collection appr. 2 weeks after the Work Permit applicants collected their VITAS. To notarize document there is not statutory requirement for it. Cekindo will submit all of the documents. The application process is in the host country, however for VITAS collection should be done in Indonesian embassy abroad.



Work permit processing time 2 months

Please explain / confirm the Standard work permit process (Please detail step-by-step including rough time frames)

e.g. What do you need from the employee or the client before you lodge an application? What is the process for lodging the application? How is it reviewed/approved? What happens after approval?



(working days)

Manpower scheduling (RPTKA) 15
New work permit (IMTA) 10
Temporary stay permit visa approval (VITAS) 7
New temporary stay permit (KITAS) 7
New local police report (STM) 2
New temporary resident registration (SKPPS) 7
Expatriate admittance report to manpower 3

We will need the employee personal ID and the company documents.

How long is the work permit valid for? Can renew it? Is there a cost to renew? Must the the foreigner leave the country during the renewal process? Work Permit will be valid for 6 months for non-directorial position, and 1 year for directorial position. It need to renew and the foreigner should leave the country using EPO in the renewal process. Please remember that the foreigner is no need to leave during all the renewal process, but only few days to obtain VITAS from Indonesian Embassy. The cost to renew a WP is the same as applying for a new Work Permit (WP), as mentioned above. 
What documents are required from the applicant? Personal documents and bank account of the applicant.
Are work permit processes different for different nationalities?  Yes, there are different difficulties for some nationalities.

 Work Permit restrictions (age/qualification/experience level/industry/quotas)

 To apply Work Permit, the requirements are:

  • Should be between 25-65 years old.
  • Possess a diploma degree or 5 years of working experience
 Is it possible to transfer work permit sponsor whilst in country? If so, please explain. It is possible to transfer work permit sponsor whilst in country, the process will take appr. 1 month.
What is the process for their dependents?
Can their spouse work in the host country? The spouse should apply for Work Permit to be able to legally work in the host country.
Will any documents need to be apostilled or notarised?

How to submit the documents?

e.g. to LP? To migration agent? To consulate in home country?

Is the application processed in host country or home country?


For further assistance, contact us now and our team will help you to get the work permit in Indonesia.

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2 Responses to “Most Common Questions about Work Permit in Indonesia”

  1. Shin says:

    I want to get working visa. So, I’m wondering whether you can provide sponsor or not.
    and My current kitas is expired on the 25 of june.
    When should I start to process a new kitas and get the new kitas?

  2. Siti Junima Faradella says:

    Hi Shin,

    Thank you for contacting Cekindo.

    Please note that Cekindo can assist you to obtain the KITAS, the process will take approximately 2 months. Cekindo also can provide the sponsorship for you with additional fee. Further, as you mentioned that your KITAS will be expired on 25 of June. In this situation, if you would like to create new KITAS under new sponsorship, you need to proceed the KITAS at least on 2 months prior the expiry date. However, please advise your position in the company and how long you have been stayed in Indonesia. For further information, please advise your mobile phone number. Thus, we can contact you to discuss further regarding your plan to obtain the KITAS.

    Looking forward to hear you soon.

    Thank you,

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