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Behind every success of business expansion is the comprehensive knowledge of regulations, legal compliances, procedures and socio culture, among others. If you are intending to expand to Indonesia, get our free copy of e-book to learn about starting a business in Indonesia, everything you need to know from A-Z. Simply click the "download" button below.

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Understanding Benefits of Nominee Agreement in Indonesia

Posted 4.12. 2018 by Cekindo

There are two major reasons why business owners use a nominee agreement when registering a company in Indonesia. First of all, the owner may want to fulfil legal requirements set out by the Indonesian government; and second of all, the owner or beneficiary owner would like to remain anonymous as a shareholder and do not …

Complex Overview of Legal Entities in Vietnam

Posted 29.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 4.02. 2019

When starting a business in Vietnam, apart from developing a marketing strategy, hiring staff and raising money, one very important thing to do is to choose the right legal entities. There are several entities to choose from when launching your business in Vietnam. You need to make sure to form an entity that works well …

Top 10 Export Commodities in Indonesia

Posted 28.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 3.12. 2018

Indonesia’s natural resource abundance and a variety of commodities is a precious and indispensable asset to its economy. The commodities account for approximately 60 per cent of all Indonesia’s exports. In continuation with the healthy growth shown by exports over the years in Indonesia, the exports in Indonesia is valued at US$158 billion annually as …

Legal Risks When Making Contract Agreements in Indonesia

Posted 28.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 3.12. 2018

With making contract agreements in Indonesia, there is little or no room for mistakes. Whether you are a supplier or a customer, making sure that your contracts with third parties protect your business, and knowing what protection your business have can sometimes be daunting. While many businesses incorporate agreed terms and conditions in the form …

Business Consulting in Semarang for Free

Posted 27.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 29.11. 2018

To boost entrepreneurship in Semarang, Cekindo is giving 30-minute business consulting for free to anybody who visits our office on Wednesdays from 1 till 5 pm. Thanks to our broad scope of services and seven years of experience on the Indonesian market, our team consisting of business consultants and lawyers is ready to assist you with any …

How to Become a Successful Wedding Organiser in Bali

Posted 25.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 27.11. 2018

Becoming a successful wedding organiser in Bali is not an easy task. While it is not impossible to succeed in this harsh and demanding environment, do not feel defeated because people in the business of wedding planning come from all walks of life. One of the best ways to get started in the business is …

5 Frequent Taxation Mistakes in Indonesia to Avoid

Posted 20.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 29.11. 2018

When you are awaiting a tax refund in Indonesia, you definitely would want to receive it as soon as possible. The best way to assure this is to make sure that your tax refund in Indonesia is not delayed due to some frequent taxation mistakes. …

6 Tips to Make Your Villa in Bali Extraordinary

Posted 14.11. 2018 by Cekindo , last update on 19.11. 2018

Welcoming about 5.7 million foreign tourists in 2017 alone, it is no surprise that Bali continues to be one of the top holiday destinations in the world to visit, as well as one of the world’s most desirable places to live in. …