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Engineering and Technology

Over the past 40 years, Indonesia has undergone a significant economic transformation in the fields of engineering and technology.

Indonesia has implemented reform initiatives in investment, trade facilitation, and deregulation that support importing new engineering&nbsptechnology, allowing manufacturers to operate more efficiently.
The manufacturing sector became a significant source of investments in this new engineering and technology growth. In line with the advancement of engineering and technology sector in Indonesia, the government has also rolled out several programs that aim to increase annual growth in the manufacturing industry to at least 10% by 2020.


The automation industry grows around 10-15% annually in Indonesia. With Indonesia’s gradual integration into the world’s economy, automation will play an important role in bringing costs down and increasing productivity of organisations.

Building and Construction

The construction sector is one of the prominent industries that support the economic growth in Indonesia. The country’s construction sector is ranked the third as the major source of Indonesian economic growth, with its total construction projects, excluding oil and gas sector, to reach IDR 451,337 billion (USD 32.2 billion) in 2018.

Heavy Industry

Demand for heavy equipment remains strong as it is driven by global demand for commodities. This is in line with the rapid growth of industrial sectors that use heavy equipment, particularly mining, agribusiness, forestry and the construction sectors.

Information Technology

With the improving infrastructure in Indonesia, the country is now presenting many opportunities for information technology, especially e-commerce and fintech. By 2025, Indonesia will have a massive125 million internet users.

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