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The Indonesian economy is growing, and the country is becoming a promising business destination for international investors.

Every year, new business sectors attract the attention of foreign businesspeople. Currently, these are Banking and Finance, Education, Transport and Logistics and Real Estate.

Banking & Financial Services

In 1997-1998, Indonesia faced one of the most costly financial crises in recent history. And as nearly its entire banking sector collapsed. This cost the government a staggering 50 percent of GDP – one of the highest fiscal costs ever paid.


Starting in 2013, Indonesia extended the length of its compulsory education from 9 to 12 years. This represents a great opportunity for this demographic segment because one-third of Indonesia population is under the age of 14.

Transport and Logistic

Indonesia is an archipelagic country with more than 17,500 islands extending 5,120km from east to west and 1,760 km from north to south. Indonesia’s total land area is 1,919,317 square km and the surrounding sea areas bring an additional 5 million square km.

Real Estate

Indonesia saw strong economic growth over the past 5 years (2009-2014) — 6 percent on average. This fueled the growth of Indonesia’s residential property price index in its 14 major cities, and in 2013 it rose by 7.4 percent.

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