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Medical Distribution License for Indonesian market – IPAK

Medical Distribution License for Indonesian market – IPAK

According to the Indonesian government regulation every Indonesian medical distributor manufacturer has to register the product under an Indonesian company, with a particular license, if you do not want to register your own company in Indonesia. Read on to learn about getting a medical distribution license Indonesia.

Medical Distribution License in Indonesia

By registering your products under Cekindo, you do not need to establish your own company in Indonesia, manage all operations company activities related to the local company.

You will be more flexible to cooperate with more local distributors or in the event, the cooperation with the current distributor doesn’t run well, you will not face any challenges to have new distributors because of the registration process.

As your local representative, we will register and keep your products under our company. You can cooperate with many distributors based on the sales agreement.

Cekindo will help you in registering your products, we will keep your registration safe with the possibility anytime convert this registration under any other company

More about the product registration process and how to apply for medical distribution license in Indonesia.

Currently, Cekindo is the holder of the medical distribution license (IPAK) for all 4 medical devices categories in Indonesia below:

  1. Electromedical non-radiation
  2. Non-electromedical sterile
  3. Non-electromedical non- sterile
  4. Diagnostic in-vitro

You can see our Medical Distribution License in Indonesia – IPAK here

Get a Medical Distribution Licenswith Cekindo

Therefore, we can provide you full assistance includes medical license holder since for registering medical devices in Indonesia, you require to have a legal entity in Indonesia or you need to register your medical products under an appointed distributor in Indonesia.

We can also provide you license holder service for other products such as cosmetics, food and supplements, food and beverages.

The lifetime of registration depends on the type of product however the usual time frame is 3-5 Years.

The advantage of engaging Cekindo as an independent consulting company is that Cekindo will register your products under independent 3rd party and not directly under distributor, hence you will be more flexible and also it will allow you to have more spaces as follows:

  1. Cooperate with more local distributors at the same time, which may increase the opportunity to have more sales.
  2. Quickly change any distributor if they do not perform as expected, since they do not have exclusivity of your products.
  3. Quickly shift the license holder of your medical device registration, since Cekindo will not make any difficulties if you would have changed in plan.

Otherwise, your distributor can hold your product license for at least 3-5 years (depends on product type) even the distributor does not perform well, since based on our experiences normally do not want to cancel the product license before it is expired.

Thus, by using our service you will get the flexibility and security of your medical devices business in Indonesia.

Feel free to contact us for a quotation for License Holder and Product Registration service in Indonesia.

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