Social Visa in Indonesia

Social Visa in Indonesia to visit relatives in Indonesia

Making a cultural or social visit to Indonesia requires a special permit that the Indonesian embassy calls a Social Visa. One can apply for a social visa in Indonesia to visit to relatives, friends, acquaintances, social organizations, etc. People on exchange visits to the country as guest students in educational institutions or who are working on research projects or attending training are also required to have this visa.

A social visa to Indonesia allows for a single entry into the country with a stay limit of 60 days. Beyond this, one has to apply for extensions with the national immigration authority. After the free visit period, you can apply for an extended stay of up to 6 months. Multiple entries require a special visa. The completion of reapplication for a social visa by the sponsor or a peer of the visitor who currently resides in the country.

People on social visas are not allowed to be employed or be in the country for purposes other than those the permit grants. A permit restricts a holder from undertaking any kind of business activity during his or her stay. A social visa for Indonesia is valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Submitting the application, will take approximately three days to issue the visa. When applying, you will have to provide evidence of adequate funds to cover the stay, which should be a minimum of US$1,500. The application fee for a cultural visa in Indonesia is US$250.


How to apply visa social in Indonesia

Visitors can apply for the visa on their own, as long as they have the sponsorship letter with them. It takes about three days for issue the visa after you produce the necessary documents.  The visa requires an Indonesian citizen to be your sponsor. At the time of application, your sponsor must produce their ID card, family registration and bank statements from the past few months.

The process of obtaining a social visa to enter Indonesia is neither complicated nor lengthy. You just need to have the right documents and evidence of a clear define purpose of visit. Officials will scrutinize the nature of your visit and your relationship with the resident before issuing the permit. Possibilities for extension are plentiful, but are strictly short-term.

The requirement for an Indonesian Social Visa:

An Indonesian sponsor needs to supply :

  • Sponsorship letter
  • identity card from the sponsor who lives in Indonesia (Copy)
  • sponsor’s family registration (Copy)
  • bank account statement (Copy) 

A foreigner needs to supply :

  • Copy of the passport
  • Two passport sized photographs ( 4 x 6 inches )