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Taking Advantages of Virtual Offices in Jakarta: Things You Should Know

Posted 9.05. 2016 by Cekindo , last update on 18.09. 2018

The local government of the Capital City of Jakarta has issued a new policy in a circular letter No. o6/SE/2016 on the establishment of Certificate of Domicile and other licenses that come afterwards for the users of virtual offices in Jakarta. This policy is aimed to create a better business climate in Jakarta and to …

Food and Beverage Registration in Indonesia

Posted 3.11. 2015 by Cekindo , last update on 24.09. 2018

Market Overview of Food and Beverages Industry in Indonesia Growing household consumption has been kicking up the food and beverage sales. The economy of Indonesia is largely driven by rising household consumption. While this has impact on many industries, the food and beverage really thrives. The rising personal income and increased spending on food and …

Shareholders, Commissioners, and Director of PT PMA in Indonesia: Who Can Take the Roles?

Posted 6.10. 2015 by Michal Wasserbauer , last update on 19.10. 2018

Based on Indonesia Company Law, every PT PMA should have at least one director, one commissioner, and two shareholders. The appointment of the director(s) and the commissioner(s) is made up in the General Meeting of Shareholders. To avoid the overlapping roles between the board of directors and the board of commissioners, we need to distinguish …

How to Apply for SIUJK and Oil & Gas Licence Indonesia?

Posted 12.08. 2015 by Pandu Ramadhan , last update on 22.10. 2018

Do you want to know more about SIUJK and SKT Migas Indonesia and how to apply for these particular licenses? Read more… Indonesia is known as a country that rich in natural resources especially for the oil and gas resources. This condition triggers the increasing number in oil and gas activities either in domestic or …

Food Supplement Registration in Indonesia

Posted 16.07. 2015 by Michal Wasserbauer , last update on 24.09. 2018

The Overview of Food Suplement Indonesia is one of the ASEAN member countries which decided to adopt the terminology in ASEAN harmonization regulations on Traditional Medicines and Health Supplements (TMHS). Under this regional harmonization framework, health supplement in Indonesia is registered to separate directorate named Directorate of Health Supplement Evaluation under BPOM. Based on ASEAN …

First Automation Project in Indonesia

Posted 4.10. 2014 by Petr Stejskal , last update on 1.10. 2018

In Indonesia the automation industry grows around 10-15% annually. With Indonesia’s gradual integration with the world economy, it will play an important role in bringing down costs.  Automation helps decrease cost and increase productivity efficiency, aesthetics and delivery systems. Many industries have increasing production standards, making the workforce more and more expensive. These conditions push many industries …

Czech companies at InaGreen Tech fair in Jakarta, Indonesia

Posted 15.07. 2014 by Petr Stejskal , last update on 13.09. 2018

Indonesia is a fast-growing economy (5.8% in 2014) and is one of the fastest growing countries among the G-20 (the industrially driven nations) and currently the 16th largest economy country in the world, the fifth in Asia and by far the biggest in Southeast Asia. With more than 240 million people, Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world. …

Payroll Services in Indonesia Are A Critical Part of Business Setup

Posted 18.06. 2014 by Michal Wasserbauer , last update on 19.10. 2018

Having a business partner on the ground is invaluable when you are setting up a company in Indonesia.  Once established, that partner can be critically important when it comes to smooth payroll processing in Indonesia Like many other aspects of doing business in Indonesia, regulations governing payroll and related taxes and deductions are complex. It …

How to choose the right type of Visa in Indonesia

Posted 14.01. 2014 by Nurmia Agustina , last update on 2.10. 2018

Coming to Indonesia and wondering which visa is right for you? Like other countries, you need a valid visa to visit Indonesia. Depending upon your purpose of visit, there are various types of visas in Indonesia. Here are several types, which Cekindo frequently arranges for business visitors. 1. Business Visa If you are visiting Indonesia for a business …