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Audit and Review Service

When you are running a company, the presence of a financial auditor is certainly much needed. You should know that every year, the company or business entrepreneur must conduct a financial audit.

What is the meaning of audit?

Audit and Review Service Cekindo.comAuditing refers to a systematic and independent examination of books, accounts, documents and vouchers of an organization to ascertain how far the financial statements present a true and fair view of the concern.

In every company, there will be a lot of transactions. Either expenses nor income transaction, all data must be collected and analyzed, to determine the financial flows and the development of your company. Auditing is very important to know the mistakes made during the specified period. To resolve the issue, you can use the services of financial audit.

Choosing the right auditor is the important step to help all accounting activities in your company. Auditor will help you viewing how your company’s financial processes running. How the cycles of income, expenses and so on.

How can we help you in audit review services?

Cekindo provides you an auditing services, our competent people will handle all accounting activities in your company professionally.

Our services in Indonesia include:

  • Presentable administration (Perapihan administrasi)
  • Financial accounting standards review (Review standar akutansi Keuangan)
  • Internal control review (Review pengendalian intern)
  • Tax compliance review (Review kepatuhan pajak)
  • Evidence of audit, test transactions & sampling
  • Audit program and risk management (Program audit & manajemenresiko)
  • Procedure of audit (Prosedur audit)
  • working paper of audit (Kertas kerja pemeriksaan)
  • Management Letter
  • Client Representation Letter
  • Legalization of Office Public Accountant — registered in bank Indonesia
  • Audit Report of the financial statement


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