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Accounting Services in Indonesia

Managing accounting and financial reporting requires high attention to detail and punctuality. As one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing companies, Cekindo’s accounting services have layers of review in place to identify errors promptly.

Our team of accounting specialists has extensive expertise in wide-range areas such as taxation, finance, among others. They are ready to assist you in staying compliant with the most recent regulations.

Tax Consulting in Indonesia

Wherever you are doing business, both as an individual and a company, tax is an obligation you cannot avoid. In Indonesia, filing an inaccurate tax report can result in various penalties.

InCorp’s experienced tax consultants in Jakarta, Bali, Semarang, Surabaya, and Batam, can provide you with objective checks and balances in tax reporting, which will help to improve compliance.

Payroll Outsourcing in Indonesia

As your business grows in size, you will find that managing payroll is getting more complicated as it is related to a wide range of financial operations, such as tax reporting, payment deadlines, cash flow management, and other legal compliance.

With payroll outsourcing in Indonesia, you can achieve cost-effectiveness without sacrificing accuracy and punctuality.

Human Capital and Recruitment in Indonesia

HR is one of the most complex departments in any business, as it handles tedious and time-consuming burdens, including employee well-being and company culture.

As a leading HR consulting firm in Indonesia, InCorp’s HR specialists can help you streamline the entire process, so you can maximize your resources to further grow your business.

Employer of Record

With an abundant productive-age population coupled with relatively low wages, Indonesia becomes a sought-after destination for global firms to hire remote employees. However, corporate compliance often becomes an obstacle as they are currently undergoing reforms.

Companies who find themselves in the situation can transfer all employment responsibilities and duties to a Business Process Outsourcing company, such as InCorp.

Indonesia’s Financial Audit Services

To assess the financial health of every company operating in Indonesia, the Government requires them to submit a financial statement every year. Using Financial Audit services in Indonesia can lift this administrative obligation, so you can focus more on core business operations.

InCorp’s financial auditors also can provide your financial statements with high accuracy and in a timely manner.

Financial and Operational Resilience Service in Indonesia

Resiliency is a key for businesses to survive the crisis. In light of this, InCorp offers a Financial and Operational Resilience Service in Indonesia to support those going through uncertain times.

From our analysis, you can expect a simplified financial model, impact tolerance, a full report, advice, and recommendations to help your business thrive.

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