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Setting Up a Business in indonesia

Company Setup In Indonesia

Ways To Access Indonesia’s Market

There are a number of ways to set up a company in Indonesia. As a market-entry consulting firm, we provide turnkey solutions to help companies set up and operate in accordance with Indonesia’s laws and regulatory practices.

Key Consulting Services

Company Set Up/Registration

Business incorporation in Indonesia can be done in 3 different ways. Start a representative office, open a local company (PT) or invest in a foreign-owned company (PT PMA).

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Virtual & Serviced Office Setup

Co-working, private or virtual offices are affordable and convenient workplace solutions for all start-ups and entrepreneurs.

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Shelf Company

Purchase a ready-made company – a registered entity with a clear and a good business history as well as a business number, bank accounts, tax number, etc.

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Company Dissolution (Company Closure)

A set of legal actions needs to be done to dissolve a company in Indonesia successfully. The liquidation process might take up to one year.

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Business & Import Licenses

Importation and distribution of products in Indonesia are bound with several licenses. The kind of license your company should apply for depends on a business field and products, among others.

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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration in Indonesia helps protect the owner’s rights and file legal action against unauthorized use of this trademark.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

In general, companies that merge together are able to achieve cost efficiencies when it comes to delivering products and services, administration tasks as well as marketing and sales in business operations.

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