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Company Registration

What type of legal entities should you choose to register a company in Indonesia? InCorp Indonesia always advises investors whether to opt local company (Local PT), Foreign Direct Investment Company (PT PMA) or Representative Office. We can assist you in choosing which is the best one to grow your business.

Virtual & Serviced Office Setup

For businesses, an office can create a professional image, thus it is crucial to choose a good one to base your operations. In Indonesia, you can pick between a full serviced office or the virtual setup. InCorp Indonesia can provide you with a customized solution that is suited for your business needs and workplace objectives.

Company Dissolution (Company Closure)

There are certain times when company dissolution is necessary, and how stressful it can be for business owners, as closing a company in Indonesia is a lengthy process and can take up for between 1 and 1.5 years to complete. Avoid any bureaucratic complexity when closing your company by engaging with our experienced legal advisors.

Business & Import Licenses

In some cases, you cannot just jump-start your operations right after your company is established. Some sectors, such as importation and distribution, are bound with several licenses and permits. Get assistance from experts with a decade of experience in assisting international business owners expanding into Indonesia.

Mergers and Acquisitions

In some conditions, mergers and acquisitions can be a viable option for businesses to achieve cost efficiencies. However, the M&A process in Indonesia is quite complex and can be daunting for those who do not have any idea about Indonesia’s legal processes. In a time like this, seeking assistance from experts can save much of your time.

Property and Land Ownership in Indonesia

Buying property in Indonesia can be challenging for foreigners as it involves several complex legal aspects. Engaging with an experienced consulting firm in Indonesia, such as InCorp, could expedite this process so you do not need to take care of all of the paperwork yourself. We can also assist you in negotiating so you can purchase your investment securely.

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