The Importance of Registering your Product in Indonesia

Product registration is important for businesses. It helps sales, assures consumers that your product is safe, and boosts brand awareness in Indonesia. Moreover, product registration is essential for business growth and success, especially if you plan to expand to retail stores. It is a requirement for admission to retail chains.

As part of Indonesian law, consumer protection is a priority when processing your product registration. From a consumer perspective, a registered product is much preferred because it gives a secure

Product Registration Services

Medical Devices Registration

With the government’s ambition to rejuvenate its healthcare system, the demand for high-quality medical devices is growing in Indonesia. This creates a treasured business opportunity for foreign investors, as this sector now allows 100% ownership of their business. Note that every medical device product that is to be sold in the Indonesian market must be registered with the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Food and Beverage Registration

To protect public health, every food and beverage in the Indonesian market must pass the certification process conducted by the Indonesian Food and Drug Control Agency (BPOM). Those who are not familiar with the Indonesian bureaucratic process might find this process challenging and cumbersome. Learn how we can assist you.

Cosmetics Registration

Driven by the rising demand from the younger population and the improvement of woman’s purchasing power, the Indonesian cosmetic market is showing tremendous potential. However, companies entering this market should be aware of the corporate and legal regulations to commence business operations in Indonesia.

Food Supplement Registration

Indonesians’ standard of living is rising due to better-paying jobs, which increase the size of the middle class, which in turn spends more on health products, including food supplements. To enter the Indonesian market, every food and dietary supplement must go through a 3 – 6 process of certification. As a market-entry consulting firm with more than a decade of experience, we can help you simplify the complexities within this sector.

Household Product Registration

According to Indonesian law, every household product entering the market must go through a certification process and be classified into one of the following categories based on the risk level; low risk, medium risk, and high risk. Each category has its own set of criteria and requirements, which sometimes confuse both novice and seasoned foreign investors. Our team of experienced legal advisors can assist you through this process with no hiccups.

Importer of Record Service

If quick market access into Indonesia is a critical point in your business strategy, then an importer record is suitable for you. An IOR service allows you to import items into the country through an import partner, such as InCorp. We have extensive local knowledge and are handy in tracking the export/import process of your goods.

Halal Certification

Since October 2019, the Indonesian Government has gradually implemented a mandatory halal certification for a wide range of imported, traded, and distributed products within the country. Businesses that want to have their products halal-certified must submit a written application and the required documents to the Indonesia halal certification body. InCorp can assist you with this process without a hassle.

Trademark Registration

As piracy is prevalent in Indonesia, claiming the patent of your goods and services is a strategic move. However, the usual process will take several months – and can be much longer if you do not have any assistance from someone who has an in-depth knowledge of Indonesia’s complex bureaucratic processes.

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