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Product Registration and Import in Indonesia

An Overview Of Product Registration and Import Services

The types of products being registered, imported, and distributed into Indonesia are growing – imports into Indonesia jumped 25.73% YoY to USD 16.79 billion in March 2021. This comes against the backdrop as the World Bank upgraded Indonesia’s status from a lower-middle-income country, to an upper-middle-income country. Here are some of our key Products we can assist you with.

Product Types And Registration Services

Medical Devices Product Registration

The demographic shift has driven a demand for better Medical Devices to facilitate treatment. The Indonesian industry is highly reliant on importing Medical Devices, and is now a sector open to 100% foreign investments and ownership. Read on to find out how you can start your Medical Device company, or register your Medical Devices under our Importer License.

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Food and Beverage Product Registration

As health consciousness continues to rise, Indonesian consumers have an increased appetite for new types of food and beverages – the business opportunities are extensive but so are the registration and licensing processes with BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan). Read on to understand the services we provide to help challenges of importing

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Cosmetics Product Registration

While leading companies in the the industry remain as MNCs. In Indonesia, the trends are shifting towards independent foreign cosmetic and beauty brands, as social media and e-Commerce play a strong influence on buying behaviors. Read on to understand the cosmetic registration, license and import process.

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Food Supplement Product Registration

The rise in health awareness is also making positive impact on the Food Supplement market. While regulations around doing business in Indonesia have relaxed, Food and dietry supplements can take 3 – 6 months to process. Read on to find out the complexities within this sector, including distribution, labelling and Halal certifications.

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Household Product Registration

Based on the level of risk, Household Products in Indonesia are categorized into 3 classes – low, medium, and high. Each class requires a different set of documentation such as result of laboratory tests and approvals from various ministries. Read on to find out how to we can assist with Household product imports, licenses, and registration.

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Other Product-Related Services

Importer Of Record Service

With an Importer of Record (IOR) or Undername Importer, you would not have to obtain and undergo the long process of obtaining an import license in Indonesia. Required documents and other requirements for importing goods into Indonesia will be managed by the IoR service provider that possesses the relevant import licenses.

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Halal Certification

For businesses to label their products as Halal, Halal certification is mandatory for some products that are imported, distributed, and traded in the country. To understand the scope and details read on for more.

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