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Food and Beverage Registration in Indonesia

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After cosmetics, food and beverage products are imported items with the highest share of foreign registered products in Indonesia. The direct investment continues to increase from year to year, as can be seen in the table below:

Indonesia Food Beverage Industry

Even though the National Agency of Food and Drug Control, known as Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM) exempt some food and beverages from their registration, most imported products have to go through the process.

The BPOM exempts products that are:

  • Used for personal consumption.
  • Not sold as end products.
  • Short-lasting (their life cycle does not last more than seven days).
  • Ingredients of an end product sold in Indonesia.


Food and drinks that are not exempt have to be registered, but BPOM only accepts applications submitted by limited liability companies established in Indonesia. Furthermore, the foreign-owned distribution companies are limited by a maximum foreign share of 67%.

Food and Beverage Registration with Cekindo

Infographic Business Incorporation Indonesia

Company Incorporation

By law, foreign entrepreneurs in Indonesia can only incorporate a 100% foreign-owned company. However, with Cekindo as your partner or nominee, there are several other options on how to start a legal entity in Indonesia and thus import food and beverages.

Import and export companies in Indonesia are entitled to be wholly foreign owned, but they cannot distribute products and therefore have to find a local distributor. On the contrary, the limited foreign ownership of distribution companies means that an Indonesian partner is required.

Being your business partner and a local company, Cekindo can hold the required amount of local shares in your distribution company, and assist you during the company registration. Another way how to penetrate the food and beverage market in Indonesia is to start a nominee company based on a nominee agreement. Nominee companies are registered as local companies with Cekindo being a legal owner. In this way, the actual foreign ownership is not limited, and the requirements for the incorporation such as capital remains the same as in the case of a local company. Lastly, Cekindo offers ready-made shelf companies to enables investors to enter the market quickly.

Nominee Product Holder

Investors who do not wish to start a company in Indonesia can appoint a nominee product owner such as Cekindo. The products will be registered based on a nominee agreement without the right of exclusivity which means that you are flexible to use several distributors.


Infographic Product Registration Food Beverages IndonesiaRegister Food and Beverages

Companies with an import licence are permitted to access BPOM’s online registration system. If your products comply with all safety and standard requirements, you can proceed to the application. Cekindo will submit all the required documents on your behalf, and guide you through the process which consists of three steps and results in ML (Makanan Luar) registration number.

As a first step, BPOM will conduct an audit of your facilities. During the second stage of assessment, your products will be divided into categories depending on their risk. Finally, the evaluation stage is the moment when you get to know the results of the registration.

Extension of the Food & Beverage Product Registration

Each registration number lasts five years and can be renewed before it expires. The best time for its extension is 6 months before the end of its validity and maximum 10 days before the expiration date. To prevent delays in the process, it is recommended to contact Cekindo well in advance.

halal-MUIAre Your Products Halal? Do Not Forget about Halal Certification

Valid from October 2019, all imported halal food and beverages that have not been certified in Indonesia yet will be considered as non-halal. In the country with the highest Muslim majority, the late halal certification will significantly influence food and beverage sales in Indonesia.

Contact Cekindo to certify your halal products immediately after their registration process in Indonesia finishes.

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      Prior to choosing Cekindo as our business partner in Indonesia, we interviewed and compared several companies. Finally, we chose to cooperate with Cekindo because of its professionalism and quality. Cekindo has assisted us in many ways, from company certification application to KITAS application and financial statement compliance to the fulfillment of other tax obligations in Indonesia. We appreciate the team’s fast response and professionalism in preparing the financial statements, among others.

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      When I joined Toaster, it was already working with Cekindo. But it’s quick to see why Toaster chose Cekindo. Cekindo has been very helpful throughout. Toaster Headquarters is based in London. Indonesian tax laws are not our specialty. Cekindo’s team has helped us to understand Indonesian tax. They are very knowledgeable and dependable, and therefore a huge asset to our company.

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      As a new business in Indonesia, we started consulting with multiple law firms but quickly narrowed down to only Cekindo. Cekindo was recommended as one of the top firms by multiple sources in the business community. The staff at Cekindo was very responsive to our needs as a new business. The team provided consultancy and assisted our startup firm with initial business setup, licenses and permits, HR/recruitment and market research. One year since our establishment, we still consider Cekindo as our partner.

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      When we intended to enter the Indonesian market back in 2013/14, Cekindo helped us to understand the possibilites and options for business presence in Indonesia through legal advice & also advisory on how to arrange for ownership. Furthermore, Cekindo also provides us with a range of fully professional and reliable accounting & tax services for our representative office in Indonesia. In the world of digital & virtual economy like today, it is an essential prerequisite to have the most reliable business partner like Cekindo.

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      A huge gratitude to Cekindo, particularly its visa team, for handling our visa cases. During our visa applications, Cekindo was extremely helpful not only in facilitating all of our visa requirements but also in clarifying our queries/doubts. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the good work of Cekindo’s visa team.

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