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Payroll Outsourcing Services in Indonesia

Why do you need payroll outsourcing Indonesia?

Payroll processing in Indonesia is one of the challenges present companies face.

Ever-increasing business growth, administrative burdens and many routine changes in government regulation complicate payroll processes in the country. In fact, managing payroll requires a specific time investment, knowledge of local regulations, labour law— this is why in-house payroll processing can become quite complex.

It is also important to understand regulations related to tax and manpower in Indonesia because payroll computation will affect your reporting of tax and social security.

Payroll Outsourcing Service in Indonesia with Cekindo

Cekindo is a professional outsourcing and payroll provider. We offer services to small, medium and large companies in Indonesia.

As a member of the global 3E Accounting network and being its representative for Indonesia, Cekindo guarantees that your raw payroll data are processed in accordance with the latest Indonesian regulations and will provide other assistance, such as tax advice and post payroll audits so that you can focus on your core business.

Our Payroll Processing Includes:

  • Monthly payroll computation
  • Monthly tax computation
  • Monthly tax report (SPT Masa 1721 and 1721-II)
  • Social security report (Jamsostek)
  • Fund transfer report
  • Detailed payslips
  • Annual tax report (SPT 1721A1 and 1721-I)
  • Payment of salary, tax, and BPJS
  • Payroll Audit assistance

Payroll Outsourcing Workflow

Payroll Service Indonesia - Workflow Infographic

Why Choose Cekindo As Your Payroll Service Outsourcing Provider?

Payroll Service Indonesia - icon 11. EXPERIENCED PAYROLL SPECIALISTS
Our team is full of payroll specialists that have been handling payroll for years. Moreover, we always keep up with the latest changes in payroll regulations.

Payroll Service Indonesia - icon 22. SOLUTION TAILOR-MADE TO WORK FOR YOU
We do not believe in one-size-fits-all solution. We take the time to understand your business needs. That is why at the end we are able to craft a personalised payroll solution that perfectly suits your company.

Payroll Service Indonesia - icon 33. COMPLETE PACKAGE
We will exceed your expectations as we offer a complete package that includes monthly payroll and tax computation, social security report, detailed payslips and salary, tax and BPJS payment, among others.

Payroll Service Indonesia - icon 44. ONE POINT OF CONTACT
We understand the pain of talking to numerous people to resolve an issue. At Cekindo, we assign a single account manager to you, which will be your point of contact for every interaction you may have with us.

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