Payroll Outsourcing Services in Indonesia

Why Do You Need a Payroll Outsourcing Service in Indonesia?

Whether you are a novice or seasoned investor, understanding Indonesia’s labor law and tax policies can be daunting. Even with time to learn, the lack of familiarity with Indonesian payroll computation and tax reporting could put your business in serious jeopardy.

Payroll outsourcing services in Indonesia can help you save time and money as you do not have to keep up with regulations and their changes yourself.

Outsource Your Payroll Service in Indonesia with Cekindo

Cekindo offers hassle-free payroll outsourcing services to companies of any size. Our payroll services in Jakarta, Semarang, and Bali can handle your data with care while complying with the latest regulations. Cekindo’s wide range of payroll services can also handle the following:

  • Payroll audit assistance
  • Salary, tax, and BPJS payments
  • Monthly payroll computation
  • Detailed payslips, and more.

Payroll Outsourcing Services in Indonesia

Payroll Service in Indonesia: The Workflow

Payroll Service Indonesia - Workflow Infographic

Why Choose Cekindo as Your Payroll Outsourcing Service Provider?



Cekindo’s team of payroll specialists has over a decade of experience in payroll processing. Equipped with in-depth knowledge of local policies, we can help you stay on top of the latest changes in Indonesian payroll regulations.



We are the best at what we do through years of professional experience. Cekindo has a team of accounting staff and tax specialists that have the right skills to get it done will not stop until they reach the client’s satisfaction.



In Indonesia, payroll processing consists of numerous intricate details, such as monthly payroll and tax computation, social security reports, detailed payslips and salary, tax and BPJS payments, among others. Cekindo’s payroll outsourcing is a one-stop service that handles every minute detail.



As a market-entry consulting firm, we are committed to ensuring that your expansion into Indonesia will be as seamless as it can be. That is why at Cekindo, we always assign a single account manager as your point of contact for your every need.

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Health Insurance and Social Security Insurance (BPJS) are mandatory. A certain percentage will be borne by the company and the employee respectively. Another obligation is tax withholding. The percentage and type of taxes vary from case to case.

There are many, but some of the most noteworthy ones include cost reduction (no need to build an internal team), compliance (Indonesia is well-known for its constantly changing payroll regulations), and core business focus (payroll is a non-revenue-generating task).