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Setting Up a Business in indonesia


Maximise Potential of Your Business and Reduce Risks
Related to Market Entry Activities in Southeast Asia

Our consulting services focus on assisting foreign companies and entrepreneurs in expanding and doing business in Indonesia and Vietnam. Our dynamic multinational teams are based in three major Indonesian business hubs – namely Jakarta, Semarang and Bali, and the business capital of Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City.

The strategic location of our offices helps us to understand specific requirements of local markets fully.

Business Set Up

There are many ways how to enter the Indonesian market. Thanks to our exhaustive expertise and local teams in Jakarta, Bali and Semarang, we can advise on the most suitable business strategies ranging from company registration to securing import licenses.

Business Process Outsourcing

Newly established companies prefer to focus on their core business. Hiring an experienced agency to manage daily business functions or outsourcing certain business processes are the two most convenient ways how to have a smooth market entry.

Immigration Services

Securing a work permit and obtaining a correct visa is the struggle every non-Indonesian citizen, who wants to stay in the country long-term, must go through. A visa agent with rich experience in the field can apply for a visa on your behalf and sponsor your application as well.

Product Registration & Import

The fourth most populous country in the world offers a vast audience for international importers. Indonesians are famous for their appetite for foreign products, so the only thing you would need to take care of is how to register your products in Indonesia and secure all necessary licences.

Compliance & Secretarial Services

Staying on top of the latest statutory and regulatory obligations when doing business in Indonesia is a must. Let us take care of your corporate housekeeping tasks through our comprehensive corporate and secretarial services.


Our clients come from different countries and various business fields. As a leading consulting company in Indonesia, we are able to assist you with any business activity on the Indonesian market.

Contact us and get the best solution for your business in Indonesia.

Fill in the contact form or talk to us at sales@cekindo.com. We will get back to you with a free quotation and an overview of the customised processes for your industry.

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