Why establish a business in Surabaya and East Java?

East Java region, including Surabaya, has been known to be one of the business hubs in Indonesia. The region also provides steady economic growth which is promising for business development. Expedite your business establishment in Surabaya and East Java with InCorp.

How To Start A Business in Surabaya and East Java

Company Registration

As one of Indonesia’s business hubs, Surabaya and East Java currently offer a competitive business climate and government support that incentivizes a plethora of business activities. Start your company registration smoothly with us.

Visa Services

Entrepreneurs must obtain the proper types of visas before conducting business in Surabaya and East Java. Claim your visa by booking a consultation with our experienced agents for your leisurely travels, business trips, retirement plans, and work permits in the capital city of East Java.

Work Permit

Understanding the regional employment regulations for starting a business in Surabaya and East Java can be complex, especially if you are a foreigner. To ease your mind on focusing solely on the industry, we will process the work permit you need hassle-free.

Tax & Accounting Services

Entrepreneurs and business owners must do tax reporting accordingly to avoid compliance problems. We provide reputable tax & accounting services to process the tax and other calculations to ensure your business operations run efficiently.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a recommended solution to establish a business entity without relocating to Indonesia entirely. Another alternative is a serviced office, which is designed for your business’s administrative needs. Opting for one of the two options will help your business expand in Surabaya and East Java with ease.

HR Recruitment

As your business in Batam grows, recruiting talent to maintain the growth of your business becomes inevitable. However, you can pass the long process to our experienced HR recruitment service specialists to find the perfect candidates.

Local Representation

A local representative for your business in Surabaya will help open up opportunities with local partners in your company’s growth in the early stage. InCorp can proudly assist you in finding the right local representatives.

Business Process Outsourcing

InCorp offers a number of business process outsourcing services, including payroll processing, employer of record, audit & review, and financial & operational resilience. Our services allow you to focus on developing your business in Surabaya efficiently.

Buying Agent Services

Surabaya holds one of the busiest harbors in Indonesia, not only for transportation but also for the export and import industry. Using a reliable buying agent service might be the solution for arranging and supervising the logistical process, from purchasing goods until arriving at their destination.

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Batam holds a reputation as one of the excellent investment hubs in Indonesia. It has been an emerging gateway for Singaporean companies to gain direct market access to Indonesia, and the region is appealing due to its being a Free Trade Zone.

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Why You Should Start Your Business in Surabaya


Known as the capital city of the East Java province, establishing a business in Surabaya and East Java will help drive your company’s reputation in Indonesia.


Surabaya has a competitive business environment while also being a cost-friendly location to establish your business.


Surabaya offers government support that facilitates the process of establishing businesses and making investments.

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