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Recruitment Agency Indonesia Plays a Major Role

After having your company registered along with the post-incorporation compliance, you need to focus on recruiting the best talent, so you can elevate your business as soon as you are entering the Indonesian market. Cekindo, a one-stop market-entry and HR consulting firm in Indonesia, has a broad knowledge of recruitment procedures. Our recruitment services are featured with extensive experience and networks, and can surely assist you in establishing or expanding a team that aligns with your expansion objectives in Indonesia.

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Recruitment Agency Indonesia

A legal way for foreign companies to hire from Indonesia’s labor force, without having an office in the country, is through an Employer of Record (EoR) service. As an EOR service provider, Cekindo can assist you in :

  • Recruitment and Candidate Shortlisting
  • Appointments and Employment
  • Payroll processing and Salary Adjustments
  • Income Tax Calculations and Reporting
  • Employee Benefits and Insurance
  • Visas and local sponsorship applications

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HR Consultant and Recruitment Services in Indonesia
HR consultant in Indonesia

We Can Also Help You with Payroll Processing and Outsourcing

HR is one of the most complex departments in any business, as it handles a broad range of administrative tasks. Cekindo’s HR consultants have in-depth knowledge not only about recruitment procedures but also specialize in payroll processing and tax reporting. We can also advise you in developing other HR functions such as :

  • Establishing HR policies.
  • Providing training and development.
  • Developing compensation and benefits.
  • Serving as your local HR partner.
  • Other related services about recruitment in Indonesia.

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Why Choose Cekindo as Your Recruitment Agency in Indonesia?



Cekindo has a team of HR experts that possess deep knowledge and understanding of HR regulations and labour law in Indonesia.



By using our recruitment service, you will not need to worry about compliance with related regulations and law, despite their frequent changes.



Leveraging our extensive experience and network, we will satisfy your hiring needs and employment requirements.



We do everything for you to deliver quality human resources, from advertising and screening to conducting pre-interviews and hiring process.

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Cost reduction, hiring time reduction, hire quality are among the most noteworthy benefits your company can enjoy.

Even though building an internal recruitment team sounds appeal, later on you will learn how overwhelming the recruitment and human resources tasks really are. Interview, payroll, tax and these are just some. Not to mention, an internal recruitment team needs to keep up with the latest changes in regulations that may happen regularly.

Minimum wage (may vary based on region), 12-day annual leave (minimum), BPJS coverage, holiday allowance (usually distributed before Christmas or Eid al-Fitr).

Before entering into any agreement with our clients, we sign a data protection agreement to ensure that all data are kept confidential across all involved activities.

As a leading recruitment outsourcing provider in Indonesia, Cekindo offers comprehensive services. To check references and qualifications, we will perform an in-depth background check on candidates.

Throughout the years, our HR specialists have had extensive experience in an array of industries. They possess the required skills and ability to ask the right questions, regardless of industry.

  • Prohibit any form of discrimination and provide equal opportunity for Indonesians and expatriates
  • Increase the competence of the workers by giving or encouraging job training
  • Follow the procedures of termination (Terminating an employee in Indonesia can be a long, tedious, and expensive process.)
  • Observe the working hours, holidays, and overtime regulations
  • Give the mandatory employee benefits including social security and health insurance
  • Withhold only the right amount of income tax on behalf of the employees
  • Follow the wages and other benefits outlined by the law
  • Process the work permits for foreign employees