Opportunity for doing business in Semarang and Central Java

Semarang and other regions located in Central Java are consistently promoted for investments in Indonesia. With energy industries already thriving, there is still much-untapped opportunity for doing business in Semarang and Central Java. InCorp will assist your need to penetrate the potential market.

Our Services

Company Registration

Take advantage of Semarang’s excellent infrastructure, affordable labor, and strong government support. Start planning to start your own business in Central Java’s capital.

Visa Services

There are quite a few options for entry into Semarang. Consult with our visa agents to find the best option for your travel plans.

Work Permit

Ensure compliance with Indonesian labor law while jump-starting your career in Semarang. Give yourself some peace of mind by letting us sort out your work visa.

Tax & Accounting Services

We have served hundreds of clients, from small to multinational companies for accounting and tax services. We are a great choice if you are looking to outsource your tax & accounting services to Semarang.

Virtual and Serviced Offices

Serviced and virtual offices in Semarang are a great solution for new businesses. Base your company in Semarang with a virtual office, or come and get work done with our serviced office’s amenities.

HR Recruitment

Growing and maintaining a high-quality team can be a challenge if your business isn’t fully equipped for it. Let our experts in HR recruitment find you the best candidates and more.

Local Representation

Having a local representative in Semarang can open up your business to local partners. We can help you strengthen and maintain connections across the country.

Business Process Outsourcing

If you want to take the burden off of your team, think about outsourcing to Semarang. Have us handle some business processes while you make your next business move.

Customer Service Representation

Pay particular attention to your current accounts by hiring a customer service representative in Semarang. We can help you find new business, and answer customer questions about your products.

Buying Agent Services

Semarang is rich in the import and export of goods. A buying agent in Semarang could arrange and supervise the logistical process, from purchasing goods to arriving at their destination.

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Located strategically between Jakarta and Surabaya, Semarang offers an investment-friendly appeal to foreign entrepreneurs. As the fifth largest metropolitan city in the country, Semarang is full of investment opportunities and is rich in infrastructure. Find out more about business opportunities in Semarang by downloading our ebook.

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With our full range of services as a business consulting firm in Semarang, we provide various solutions to enhance your business plan and make your expansion to the island a reality.

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