Personal Income Tax in Indonesia (Advanced)

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Personal Income Tax Rate in Indonesia

If you are an employee working for a company, you will not have to trouble yourself with paying the income tax yourself. It is the responsibility of your company or employer to deduct the income tax. The amount, however, may be different between one individual and another since the deduction is based on the gross salary that you receive every month. By the end of the year, your employer will give you your annual tax return that you will have to submit to the tax authority in Indonesia no later than 31 March of the following year.

In Indonesia, everyone’s income is subject to a basic tax allowance. Up to this amount, your taxable income is not subject to tax. If your taxable income is higher than the basic tax allowance, you will have to pay your income tax. As a rule of thumb, the higher your taxable income, the higher you will have to pay to fulfill your tax obligations.

The following tax rates can be used as your basic guide to calculate how much income tax you have to pay.

Annual Taxable IncomeRate
The first Rp 60,000,0005%
The next Rp 250,000,00015%
The next Rp 500,000,00025%
The next Rp 5,000,000,00030%
The next amount of over Rp 5 billion35%

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