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Foreigners who want to enter Indonesia and stay there legally need a visa or a work permit

Indonesia is famous for its strict rules in terms of welcoming foreigners. Not only that non-Indonesian citizens arriving in the territory must apply for a visa which complies with a purpose and length of their visit, but the process of getting a valid work permit is also time-consuming and unpredictable.


Business Visa

Entrepreneurs who come to Indonesia for a business but not to earn any money can apply for single or multiple entry business visas.

Work permit & KITAS

Any foreigner who works or obtains income in Indonesia must own a work permit. It is a bureaucratic procedure that involves several government services.

Dependent (spouse) visa

Foreigner nationals who have married an Indonesian citizen may apply and obtain a one-year visa/KITAS sponsored by the Indonesian spouse.

Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP)

A permanent stay permit—KITAP—is the highest goal for non-Indonesians who wish to reside in Indonesia.

Social visa

Paying a cultural or social visit to Indonesia requires a social-cultural visa. To obtain a stamp in your passport, you are obliged to present an invitation letter sponsored by an Indonesian.

Retirement Visa

There is no better place to spend your retirement than in one of the marvellous Indonesian islands. However, not all nationalities can take advantage of this permit.

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