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KITAP – Stay Permit in Indonesia

A permanent stay permit known as KITAP is the ultimate goal for foreigners residing in Indonesia.

A permanent stay visa in Indonesia (KITAP) is a five-year-long permit that enables foreigners to stay in the country long-term without extending their visa on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

Eligible Applicants

Foreign nationals who are willing to apply for KITAP must meet several requirements based on their KITAP purpose.

As a rule of thumb, only foreigners who have been KITAS (short-term stay permit) holders can apply for KITAP. However, the precise duration of holding a KITAS and a number of required KITAS extensions vary.

Eligible candidates for a KITAP are:

  • Foreigners with an Indonesian spouse.
  • Foreign investors, directors or commissioners in a Limited-Liability Company (PT PMA).
  • Foreigners wanting to retire in Indonesia.
  • Indonesians regaining their citizenship.

Understanding The Different Types of Visa in Indonesia

There are several types of visa or stay permit that you can choose according to your needs.

[Infographic] Types of visa in Indonesia - Cekindo

You can discuss the type of visa or stay permit that suits your needs with our consultants by filling out this form.

KITAP Application Assisted by Cekindo


Although the application requirements differ, all eligible candidates need to have a sponsor. It can be your Indonesian spouse, a PT PMA company or a trustable agent like Cekindo.

Visa Agent

You do not need to go through the process of a KITAP application by yourself. Cekindo, as your visa agent, will handle the process on your behalf.

Beware of Differences

KITAP, as well as KITAS, does not enable its holders to work legally in Indonesia. A work permit is required to make a profit in the country.

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