Business in Jakarta

Company Registration in Jakarta

Establish your major business operations in Jakarta and take advantage of its excellent infrastructure, competent labor, and strong government support.

Product Registration in Jakarta

You must register your product before distributing it to the Indonesian market. We can assist with several product registrations, including medical devices, food & beverage, cosmetics, food supplement, and household products.

We also provide in helping you obtain legal certification, such as Halal certification and trademark registration, as well as importer of record services.

Tax Consultation in Jakarta

Companies established in Indonesia must file their tax reports in compliance with the Law in Indonesia. We assist with tax issues for your business to run correctly.

Accounting Services in Jakarta

Businesses in Indonesia must run in good financial health. However, understanding the regulations in a new country might be a hassle.

Therefore, outsourcing accounting services from a trusted and competent partner such as InCorp Indonesia can lift your financial and tax reporting burdens, giving you the freedom to scale up your business operations.

HR Recruitment in Jakarta

As your business in Jakarta grows, it is inevitable to recruit competent resources to open more possibilities for expanding your business.

Relying on our highly experienced HR recruitment specialists can help you minimize the time-consuming process of finding the right candidates.

Payroll Outsourcing Services in Jakarta

Payroll processing needs to be done carefully to ensure compliance with the regulation. Opting for an outsource payroll service in Indonesia is a practical solution to avoiding the complexities that will demand more time and effort in growing your business.

Compliance and Secretarial Services in Jakarta

InCorp Indonesia provides Compliance and Secretarial Services in Jakarta to ensure your business operations are in line with the latest regulations.

We provide tailored services starting with legal consultation, legal agreement, due diligence, employment law consultation, and business document revision.

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Why Start Your Business in Jakarta


Jakarta is known for its reputation as the economic center of Indonesia. Open more opportunities to expanding your business.


Jakarta has a competitive climate not only for business development but also with a massive pool of talented human resources.


Posing as a central economic hub in Indonesia, there is government support for having business operations in Jakarta.

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