Why establish a business in Batam and Sumatera?

Strategically located in Sumatera, Batam has been the door for international trade in Indonesia, especially with Singapore. This situation helps in growing the business opportunities to be more competitive. Not only Batam, but neighboring regions such as Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang, and Palembang are also starting to show potential in establishing a business.

Essential Ways to Grow Your Business in Batam and Sumatera

Company Registration

Find how Batam and Sumatera can further your business expansion into Indonesia through its business climate, pool of talent, employment regulations, and government support. We can provide the thorough assistance you need to start your business in Batam and the surrounding areas of Bintan and Tanjung Pinang as well as other cities in Sumatera.

Visa Services

Conducting business in Indonesia must be done legally, so obtaining proper visas is essential. Consult with our visa agents on obtaining a suitable visa for your leisurely travels, business trips, retirement plans, or even a stay permit (KITAS) to enter Batam, Bintan, Tanjung Pinang, or Tanjung Balai Karimun.

Work Permit

Understanding the employment regulations for your business in Batam can be complicated. Consult with us, and we can provide all the information you need to work in Batam and Sumatera legally. Have some peace of mind while processing your work permit, hassle-free.

Tax & Accounting Services

Reporting taxes for your business in Batam and Sumatera is essential to keeping your business compliant. However, the process may take some of your valuable time. We can provide reputable tax & accounting services to cater to your needs.

Virtual Office

Serviced and virtual offices offer a great solution for your new business in Batam and Sumatera, Bintan, Tanjung Pinang, and Tanjung Balai Karimun. A virtual office is helpful for registering your business entity, while a serviced office can offer flexible office space for your new business.

HR Recruitment

As your business in Batam and Sumatera grows, recruiting employees to expand your business becomes inevitable. Recruitment is time-consuming, but you can rely on our highly experienced HR recruitment specialists to find the right candidates.

The Batam region, including Bintan and Karimun, are known as free trade zones (FTZ), which are exempt from some customs regulations, including some taxes and levies. Consult with one of our legal specialists to learn more about Batam’s unique trade policies.

Local Representation

Local representatives for your business in Batam and Sumatera might be a solution to starting your company in Indonesia. A local representative can open up opportunities with local partners for your company’s growth in Batam.

Business Process Outsourcing

Obtaining reliable business process outsourcing for your company in Batam and Sumatera will help you focus more on the development aspects. We offer a number of business process outsourcing services, including payroll processing, employer of record, audits & reviews, and financial & operational resilience, among others.

Customer Service Representation

Give your clients and partners the best experience by having reliable customer service operations. Our customer service representatives can help you maintain your business needs and find new opportunities for your company in Batam and Sumatera.

Buying Agent Services

Known as one of the busiest ports in Indonesia, Batam and Sumatera hold a strong presence in the export and import industry. Our buying agents could be a solution for arranging and supervising logistical processes, starting from purchasing the goods right until they arrive at their final destination.

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Batam holds a reputation as one of the excellent investment hubs in Indonesia. It has been an emerging gateway for Singaporean companies to gain direct market access to Indonesia, and the region is appealing due to its being a Free Trade Zone.

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Why Start Your Business in Batam and Sumatera


With its close proximity to Singapore, Batam actively attracts potential trading activities and investments to Indonesia.


Batam and Sumatera offers a more cost-friendly environment, making it the perfect location to start your business.


Batam is known as a Free Trade Zone (FTZ), which exempts facilities from customs regulations, including certain taxes and levies.

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