Business in Bali

Company Registration

A successful business in Bali is organized from the start. Get help from our experts to make your company registration experience go as smoothly as possible.

Product Registration

Bali has a large consumer market for a number of products. Get a headstart and let us help register your products with the appropriate governing bodies.

Holiday & Hospitality

It’s a smart move to start a hospitality business in the world’s haven for tourists. Let us help you with your business plan from hotels to restaurants to wellness centers.

Office Space & Outsourcing

Looking for a virtual office, coworking space, serviced office, or other outsourcing services in Bali? We’ve got you covered. See what business processes you can outsource to Bali while focusing on the rest of your business.

Property Purchase

Purchasing a property in Bali can be complex, especially if you do not have a legal entity in Indonesia. Check out your options for owning your own property in Bali.

IMEI Registration

Make sure your telecommunication devices are able to connect to a local service provider to keep your business in check. We provide assistance to expedite registering your devices’ IMEI so that you can keep working with no hassle.

Internal Audit

Utilizing Internal Audit services in Bali is a crucial strategy for leveraging the dynamic market landscape and local regulations.

Tax & Accounting

Tax and accounting services play a pivotal role in ensuring your business adheres to Indonesian regulations, enhancing its credibility within Bali’s market.

Virtual Office

InCorp Indonesia presents comprehensive serviced and virtual office solutions designed to enhance your business operations in Bali with efficiency seamlessly.

Living in Bali

Retirement Visa

Retiring in paradise is entirely possible. Find the requirements to start spending your time off in Bali after your long, hard years of working.

Visa Services in Bali

Want to visit Bali, but not sure what your options are? Our experienced visa agents are available to help you find the right visa package for your needs.

Work Permit in Bali

A work permit is required for any foreigner earning an income in Indonesia. Let us help you with your work permit application, so you can start your career in Bali.

Social Visa

Visiting Bali is on most people’s bucket lists, so let’s help you check it off yours. We’ll make sure you make it to your dream vacation destination.

Prenuptial Agreement

We congratulate you on your Balinese wedding! Make sure you and your partner’s assets are protected with the help of our legal team.

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Bali is a top tourist destination in Indonesia. As a vibrant and culturally rich island, Bali has become a haven for doing business for foreigners worldwide. Property investments in the region are strong sectors to attract business. Capitalize on your expansion with InCorp Indonesia to learn the easiest way to do business in Bali. Find out the necessary steps by downloading our eBook below.

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