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Social Visa in Indonesia

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to current public health situations (coronavirus), citizens from countries that have implemented the lockdown policy and who are currently in Indonesia and whose visas are about to expire soon can get Emergency Visas (30 days and extendable). Contact us immediately for assistance. 

A social visa is a favourite choice of foreigners coming to Indonesia

Foreign nationals who opt to stay in Indonesia for more than 30 days, and thus exceed the maximum allowed visa-free period, should consider applying for a social-cultural visa.

As opposed to most of the Indonesian visas, a social visa (visa sosial budaya) does not require much preparation and its conditions are easily met.

Eligible Applicants for a Social Visa

The purpose of a social-cultural visa is to visit friends or relatives or to participate in a social, cultural or educational exchange. Its holders are not allowed to conduct any business activities in Indonesia.

Foreigners with a social visa are granted a single entry visit of up to 60 days which can be extended monthly for a total of 180 days. After its expiration, holders must leave the country and apply for a new visa abroad.

Social Visa & Cekindo

Local Sponsor

An applicant is obliged to present several documents during the application process at one of the Indonesian embassies abroad. An invitation letter is an essential part of the application dossier.

The invitation letter must be prepared and signed by an Indonesian sponsor. The sponsor, either an Indonesian citizen or a local company, is legally responsible for the incomer during his or her stay in Indonesia.

Cekindo, as a local company in Indonesia, is permissible to invite foreigners to the country and become their sponsor.

Visa Agent

Cekindo can act as a visa agent and manage the extension of a social visa. In this case, foreigners do not need to come to the immigration office two or three times every month but hand their passport to Cekindo only.

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