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Spouse Visa in Indonesia

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Eligibility for a spouse-sponsored KITAS

Foreign citizens are permissible to get a temporary residence permit known as KITAS valid for one year. After one extension, in other words, after two consecutive years of staying in Indonesia on a KITAS, a temporary permit can be converted into a permanent one called KITAP.

Spouse Visa Application with Cekindo

Indonesia did a huge step forward, and many legal processes can be done online. Unfortunately, this is not the case of an application for a spouse-sponsored visa unless you do not mind leaving the country and issuing the spouse visa abroad.

Time & Cost Savings

Indonesian governmental institutions are centralised with the majority of offices situated in Jakarta. In case your Indonesian spouse’s permanent address is not located in Jakarta, get ready for a few trips as your application must be approved by three immigration offices, most probably in different cities.


 Local office - icon
Local immigration office (Kantor Imigrasi)
Permissible for issuing documents for foreigners.


Regional immigration office - icon
Regional immigration office (Kantor Wilayah)
Located in the capital of your province


Ministry of Law and Human Rights Indonesia - icon
Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kementerian Hukum dan HAM)
Located in Jakarta.


The process requires at least one visit of each of the offices mentioned above.

Cekindo as Your Visa Agent

Thanks to the strategic location of our offices in regional capitals of Jakarta, Semarang and Bali, we are able to finalise your application in a smooth and timely manner. With Cekindo appointed as your visa agent, you will not be required to visit the immigration offices on your own.

We will make sure that your visa application package includes all of the mandatory documents and apply or extend your visa in accordance with the present regulations.

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