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Visa on Arrival in Indonesia (VoA)

VoA – Visa on Arrival in Indonesia

A VoA is a visa that is for citizens of specific countries upon their arrival in Indonesia. A visitor must meet a specific set of criteria to receive a visa on arrival: country of origin, time frame, specific reason for entering the country, and length of time for which you have held your passport.

Citizens of certain countries do not require passports at all. Only citizens of specific countries can receive a VoA and the complete list is available.

What is a VoA?

VoA or Visa on arrival is a program that the Indonesian Government provides for visitors who enter for:

  • Business purposes
  • Holidays
  • Social visits

These visas are available at certain airports and seaports. Check out the complete list of airports across Indonesia that have VoA facilities, below.

List of Airports accros Indonesia that has the VOA facilities

They are only available to people from a list of countries that specified by the Indonesian Government.

The list of countries that can apply for visa on arrivel in Indonesia

Requirements of Visa on Arrival Indonesia

To receive a visa on arrival in Indonesia the visitor must have the following:

  • A passport that is still valid for a minimum of 6 more months (since your arrival in Indonesia)
  • Either a return ticket or a ticket that demonstrates you will be leaving Indonesia
  • A US$35 fee for a VoA.

The visa on arrival allows the visitor to remain in Indonesia for 30 days, not for 1 month. The count begins upon arrival into Indonesia and ends on the day of departure. In the event a traveler requires additional time, a 30-day extension can be issued.

However, this is a one-time extension and cannot extend further for any amount of additional time. Should you spend more time in Indonesia than what is on your VoA, you will be charged an overstay fine.

Getting a Visa on Arrival in Indonesia: The Process

The process to get an Indonesia visa on arrival is extremely easy and simple. Go through the following steps:

  1. Travel to Indonesia and arrive at the airport of your choice (ensure that the airport can process visa on arrival applications)
  2. Upon arrival, find the Visa on Arrival Counter and queue
  3. Wait to get your visa on arrival and pay for the fee
  4. Proceed to the immigration counter and show your passport to get a stamp

Arrival and Departure Card Indonesian Arrival and Departure card

On the airplane, every passenger will receive an immigration card (Arrival and Departure Card) to fill in based on passport details, flight details and address in Indonesia (hotel or other places where you plan to stay). Every passenger will get also the customs declaration, which officers will collect card when you will exit customs.

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