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Cekindo extensive legal and market entry services correspond with our client’s needs

Our vision is to lighten your workload by managing and coordinating your activities, especially in the sales, distribution and purchasing areas. As an independent local representative, we increase your organisational flexibility by cooperating with a number of local partners in Indonesia.


Market Research and Analysis

Adequate knowledge and understanding of a new market are critical before taking a step and expanding to new territory.

Land and Property Ownership

Even though the Indonesian government has lessened the restrictions for foreigners recently, it is still challenging to own land or property in the country.

Local Partner Selection

Many business activities in Indonesia requires a domestic partner. This should not be underestimated as the selection of your partner will impact your operations in the country forever.

Local Distributor and Partner

Companies importing and distributing products to Indonesia are advised to engage a local representative in supporting their sales and distribution.

Project Management & Coordination

Project coordination ensures excellent delivery to your customers. It also helps reduce potential roadblocks and keep processes well-organised.

Offshore Company Registration

Without a doubt, offshore companies have become one of the most brilliant business tools for overseas investment and international trading.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is an external instrument for obtaining valuable information about your competitors but also about the quality of your employees’ services.

Trade Mission

Sometimes it is essential to visit Indonesia and meet your potential partners in person. Our team can prepare your meeting overseas while you can devote your time to negotiations.

Bank Account

Opening a bank account is a convenient solution for everyone staying in Indonesia. However, as usually, strict rules apply.

Buying Agent

Indonesia is a country rich in natural resources suitable for export. A buying agent verifies your suppliers and takes care of the administrative and legal aspects.

Driving License

Even though the procedure for the driving license application has been elaborated clearly, many foreigners still find it challenging when they apply for a driving license on their own, particularly because the procedure may be quite different from the procedure in their home country.

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