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For businesses, staying 100% compliant is not merely about following ethical practices, but also avoiding any unnecessary pitfalls or costly penalties.

InCorp’s legal consultants in Jakarta, Bali, Semarang, Surabaya, and Batam can assist you in encountering challenges most business owners aren’t equipped to deal with, as well as protecting businesses from time-consuming lawsuits and unwanted fines.

Business and legal agreements are the essential documents that bind several parties with their own unique objectives into a single collective operation that protects their interests.

In light of these, you should be meticulous and not leave any room for mistake when drafting a business and legal agreement. InCorp provides legal agreement services in Indonesia that are tailored solely to protect your business interest.

Background Check and Due Diligence Service in Indonesia

Prior to making investments, it is important to have a deep understanding of the nature of a business and the risks involved. This is where background checks and due diligence services in Indonesia could come into play.

InCorp’s team of legal consultants can assist you in making informed decisions, such as negotiating the best conditions for your deal and determining the real worth of your investment in Indonesia.

Employment Service in Indonesia

All businesses are required to manage their own employees in accordance with Indonesian Labor Law, one of the most complex regulations. As a foreign investor, you might find it difficult to handle these administrative tasks alone.

InCorp’s employment services are tailored to provide assistance in managing complete HR matters, such as outlining employment notifications and drafting an employee handbook in Indonesia.

Business Document Revision Services in Indonesia

In order to follow the current market trends, sometimes you just need to change. Yet, no matter what the reason is, keeping all of your company and business documents updated is essential.

However, revising some critical documents such as the deed of the establishment can be challenging. You can expedite and streamline this process with our Business Document Revision Services in Indonesia.

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