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Transfer Pricing in Indonesia

Transfer Pricing Services in Indonesia

Transfer Pricing Services: for Compliance With Indonesian Requirements and Worldwide Practices

Inter-company transactions between businesses are no longer limited by borders, meaning that they are now more complicated than ever before. Cekindo’s transfer pricing services, both compliance and advisory, make sure that your business are in compliance with mandatory local requirements and in accordance with international transfer pricing standards.

Transfer Pricing Compliance

Transfer pricing in Indonesia is a method that sets the price for transaction and transfer between related parties, which can be between a company and a company or a company and an individual. The arm’s length principle must be implemented as the standard of transfer pricing method.

Transfer Pricing Advisory

Since transfer pricing can be used to transfer assets and income between jurisdictions, all with favourable tax rates, tax authorities have now considered it a significant issue. With that being said, Indonesian tax authorities attempt to tackle the challenge by implementing detailed transfer pricing regulations and complex documentation requirements, among others.

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