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What is a Halal Certificate and Why Do You Need It?

In short, halal means ‘permissible’. All products and services that do not contain prohibited materials, ingredients, or unlawful methods are considered halal based on Islamic sharia law. Halal certificates in Indonesia act as a declaration to prove that the products follow Sharia law. It then serves as the justification for Muslims if certain products or services are permissible to consume or use.

Product That Must Be Halal Certified

According to the latest provision regarding Halal Product Assurance, halal certification for many consumer products that was previously voluntary now has been mandatory. Food and beverage products are the first to be Halal certified before 17 October 2024.

The law also outlines that certain chemicals, biological products, cosmetics, drugs, and utilized goods that contain traces of animal elements must be halal certified. Packaging services, animal slaughterhouses, storage services, and distribution services must also go through halal certification in Indonesia.

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The Halal Certification Process in Indonesia

Indonesia’s halal certification process is under the National Body of Halal Assurance (BPJPH) domain, while the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) sets up the halal compliance standard and issues the Halal fatwa. During the certification process, the BPJPH will appoint Halal Inspection Institution (LPH) officials to conduct an audit to determine whether the products qualify as halal.

Important Note on Halal Certification in Indonesia

Indonesia Halal Certification: The Workflow

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Why Choose Cekindo for Halal Certification in Indonesia?


To obtain a halal certificate in Indonesia, you have to provide a written application and supporting documents. Our experienced consultants can assist you in this process to prevent a rejected application.


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There are plenty of products, but the most common products include food, beverages, traditional medicines, health supplements, cosmetics, chemical products, genetically engineered products, medical devices and household appliances.

In general, a halal certificate is valid for two years and it must be extended at least three months before it becomes expired.