Learn About Property & Land Ownership in Indonesia

Obtaining property & land ownership in Indonesia offers some challenges for foreigners. However, buying property in Indonesia is attainable with specific resources and documents – InCorp can help expedite the process.

Property & Land Ownership in Indonesia

Offering a wide range of business opportunities, Indonesia is often seen as an attractive Asian country for foreign investment. One of the sectors currently thriving is the construction industry, valued at USD 238 billion in 2021 and projected to by more than 5% in the next four years.

This projection will attract more interest from investors, which will aid in job creation. With such an optimistic projection, foreign investors need more convenience regarding property regulation and land ownership in Indonesia.

The Minister of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency has issued Regulation No. 18 of 2021 on Procedures for the Determination of the Right to Manage and Rights over Land.

The regulation states that foreigners who have secured immigration documents could own landed houses or multistory housing that occupy certain types of land with specific requirements:

1. Landed houses

  • The relevant property positively impacts local economic and social life,
  • Foreigners have secured a permit from the Minister
  • Residency ownership for foreign representatives

2. Multistory housing

This falls into the commercial category. InCorp will provide the necessary assistance to help you obtain the property and land ownership requirements.

Lands Title Available in Indonesia

Once your desired land or property has been obtained, you should attain some titles. The Agrarian Law specifies several regulations concerning the titles and rights over land in Indonesia.

The Price Mechanism of Land & Property Ownership for Foreigners in Indonesia

Other than the relevant documents, foreigners must comply with the price mechanisms to obtain land & property ownership in Indonesia. The price varies in every region. Find the details below.

NoRegionMinimum Value to Purchase by Foreigners*
Landed HouseMultistory Housing
1JakartaIDR 10 billionIDR 3 billion
2BaliIDR 5 billionIDR 2 billion
3BatamIDR 3 billionIDR 1 billion
4BantenIDR 5 billionIDR 2 billion
5East JavaIDR 5 billionIDR 1.5 billion
6West JavaIDR 5 billionIDR 1 billion
7YogyakartaIDR 5 billionIDR 1 billion
8Central JavaIDR 3 billionIDR 1 billion
9West Nusa TenggaraIDR 3 billionIDR 1 billion
10North SumatraIDR 3 billionIDR 1 billion
11East Kalimantan & South SulawesiIDR 2 billionIDR 1 billion
12Other RegionsIDR 1 billionIDR 750 million

InCorp will professionally arrange the most suitable and risk-averse plan for your land & property ownership investment in Indonesia.

*The scheme can change at any time

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InCorp provides complete services to help you obtain the correct titles and other.


Foreigners who want to own land & property in Indonesia must provide valid.


InCorp offers thorough consultations before you go through the land & property.

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