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Consumer Goods

In Indonesia, consumer goods is a kind of business that is growing really fast. Therefore, Indonesia has become an investment target for many company from many countries.

Indonesia is currently one of the most successful emerging economies in the world with stable growth in GDP. With more than 240 million residents, Indonesia has become an investment target for many overseas companies. Consumer goods is one of the main industries that is growing very successfully in Indonesia.

The Indonesian consumer price index has increased 8.614% in recent years, from 133.16 in July 2012 to 144.63 in 2013. The large middle class in Indonesia is rapidly growing, from only 37.7% of the population in 2003 to 56.5% in 2012. It is expected to double to 141 million by 2020. This fact goes hand in hand with growing buying power, creating great income opportunities in the consumer goods industry.


consumer goods cosmetics in indonesiaThe cosmetic industry grew by 14 percent to US$1.01 billion in 2012. Research has shown that in Indonesia’s urban areas, sales increased by 9.4 percent to US$53.8 million in the first half of 2013 and sales in rural areas of Java increased by 27.5 percent to US$ 7.28 million. Strong growth is expected to continue.


Food and Beverages

food beverages indonesiaAs the fourth most populous country with the biggest Muslim majority in the world, Indonesia is in a unique position.  Food consumption is expected to grow 7.9 percent in 2013 and a five year forecast to 2017 of 9.3 percent growth.



stationery in indonesiaIn developing countries such as Indonesia, the stationery industry is one of the main target markets. With its high demand,  Indonesia has become a priority country for stationery manufacturers and distributors around the world.


Handicrafts and Furniture

handicraft and furniture in indonesiaIndonesia has a rich tradition in woodcarving. Wood furniture and handicrafts are part of the culture. Many people, especially in Java and Bali, are known for their woodcarving skills and Java is a main source of wood.


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