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Offshore Company Registration in Indonesia

Cekindo will help you to understand about offshore company in Indonesia


Why to establish Offshore Company for your business?

Most business people have heard about offshore companies But only a few are aware of what these companies are used for. Also how they differ from other more common corporate entities. Without a doubt, the offshore company has become one of the best and brilliant business tools in overseas investment and international trading.

Thanks to the vast benefits it brings, an offshore company is one of the top choices for import/export companies, international companies and multinational companies.

Offshore relates to managing, registering, conducting, or operating in a foreign country, often with financial, legal and tax benefits. An offshore company is incorporated for the purpose of operating outside the country of its registration and/or the place of residence of its directors, shareholders and beneficial owners with the typical financial, legal or tax benefits. However, most people associate the term ‘offshore company’ with a means of increasing tax efficiency.

Currently more than 60 countries offer tax exemption for offshore companies and non-resident companies. These Countries including Belize, Hong Kong, the British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Cayman, Labuan, the Seychelles, and Anguilla. In our opinion, there are three countries that offer the best offshore company laws for business people. an it based on the most privacy, protection of assets and tax optimization: Belize and the Seychelles.

More detail about these three options for offshore company registration provided by Cekindo you can find below:

Information Juridiction Belize Seychelles
General Company Type BC IBC
Disclosure of Owner X X
Double Tax Treaty (DTT) X X
Requirements Standard Register Capital (USD) $50,000 $1,000,000
Government Fee (USD) $100 $100
Number of Director 1 1
Number of Shareholder 1 1


Location Belize Seychelles
Standard Register Capital (USD) $50,000 $1,000,000
Government Fee (USD) $100 $100
Cekindo Fee- First Year $1,100 $1,100
Cekindo Fee- Next Year $500 $900

Cekindo registers several offshore companies every month and our legal team is ready to assist you! Also yo can check our business set up overview

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