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Recruitment and HR Establishment

Recruitment and HR Establishment play a major role in supporting your overall business strategy by setting up strategic capabilities and functional expertise.

In Indonesia, finding suitable channels to recruit qualified people requires special attention.


Recruitment and HR Establishment in Indonesia

Cekindo has extensive networks of contacts and databases to provide professional services. Cekindo can provide assistance to foreign entities and entrepreneurs looking to establish an initial team in Indonesia or seeking to expand a team as the result of business growth. We provide recruitment for employees as well as headhunting for managerial positions. By leveraging our extensive experience and networks, our experienced consultants will fulfill your hiring needs and employment requirements to deliver quality human resources. Our services as PEO employment services and PEO outsourcing in Indonesia include advertising, screening,  and conducting pre-interviews. We can also help with payroll processing and payroll outsourcing.

In addition to our headhunting and recruitment services, Cekindo advises and guides clients in developing the HR functions, such as establishing HR policies, developing compensation and benefits, providing training and development, service as your local HR partner, and other related services about recruitment in Indonesia.


Selected Clients for Recruitment and HR Establishment:

  • Recruitment and HR Establishment
  • Recruitment and HR Establishment
  • Recruitment and HR Establishment
  • Payroll Processing
  • Recruitment and HR Establishment

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