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Getting Help Resolving Temporary Blacklisting

Posted 15.12. 2017 by Cekindo / Last update on 20.12. 2017

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Anyone who wants to travel to Indonesia again will certainly dread the word “blacklist.” It always creates a world of doubt, confusion, and fear. But there’s a silver lining. Not all types of blacklist issues will result in a permanent ban. Better yet, you can always count on some help to resolve a temporary blacklist.

Here’s how Cekindo can assist you:

1. Be your immigration representative.

A temporary blacklist lasts for around 6 months (or more—it really depends on the immigration). Either way, if it can be extended, it can also be lifted. But there’s an issue here: the Immigration Office’s system automatically renews the extension. The surest way to determine whether yours has been extended is to ask the office.

You can always make a call, but many factors—from bureaucracy to lack of manpower—could easily mean no one’s there to take your call or answer your query properly. The next best step then is to appoint an agent.

Cekindo can work as your representative in the country. We’ll be the one to personally visit the Immigration Office in Jakarta and verify your status.

2. Write your appeal letter.

If you’re still on the blacklist, the next step is to send your appeal letter. It can be very generic, but the language barrier can be a problem. Like other legal documents in Indonesia, it needs to be in Bahasa.

Considering the importance of this request, you cannot leave the translation to chance. Cekindo has business consultants who are fluent in both English and Bahasa Indonesia. We can translate your letter or write it from scratch on both languages. We’ll make sure you completely understand the Indonesian letter before we send it personally to the Immigration Office.

Note that only a person with a legal status in Indonesia can sign the letter with IDR 6,000 materai—and Cekindo can do this for you.

3. Process your request on time.

Cekindo will see to it that all your requirements including the letter are submitted promptly. This way, there’s a good chance you will receive the approval on the same day. If not, we can have it the soonest time possible. As soon as we receive the letter that says your removal, we’ll fax it to your closest embassy so you can start processing your visa right away.

4. Negotiate on your behalf.

An appeals letter is what it is—a letter. The immigration can accept or reject your request. Our knowledge, expertise, and experience on immigration laws, however, can give you the best chance of getting an approval.

5. Process the right visa for you.

While the immigration can cite various reasons for your blacklisting, it usually boils down to two: overstaying and wrong visa. Cekindo can help you with both.

We can provide you with not only a list of requirements but also help you decide on the type of visa that is suitable for your trip. We can also notify you when you need to renew it to avoid overstaying. Cekindo can also provide you sponsorship, if necessary.

We can process both Indonesian business visa and work permit on a timely manner to make sure you can re-enter the country legally.

Getting a temporary blacklist may be frightening, but perhaps all you need is the right kind of professional support, which Cekindo can provide you. We are here to make the penalty more bearable, remove you from the list, and, most of all, avoid any immigration mistakes again.

Talk to us today about your problem, and together, we’ll find a solution.

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