Cosmetic Registration & Its Regulations In Indonesia

This webinar discussed the cosmetic ingredient limitations, the process of cosmetic registration, as well as the special requirements for a successful product in the Indonesian market.
15 Juli 2021
 | 3:00 
– 4:00 PM (GMT+7) 
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On contrary to other fields such as food supplements, cosmetic products are required to obtain a certification for each variety of a product separately.

Prior to the import and distribution of cosmetics products in Indonesia, companies must register their products at the National Agency of Food and Drug Control, known as Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan (BPOM). Notably, only businesses established in Indonesia and with a valid import license can apply for registration.

We have summarized the important points you need to know about how to register cosmetic products in Indonesia.

What you will get in the presentation includes:

Cosmetic Registration in Indonesia
Step by step process according to legal compliance in Indonesia when registering cosmetic products

Requirement Differences between Indonesia and ASEAN
What are the requirements when registering cosmetics in Indonesia or in ASEAN?

Ingredient Limitations
What content is allowed to be owned by the cosmetic product that you are going to register

Special Requirements in Indonesia
What special requirements do you need to meet so that your cosmetic products can be successfully legally registered in Indonesia