Trademark Registration Webinar: Preserving the Identity and Value of Your Brand

This webinar provides an opportunity for participants to learn from brand law experts and practitioners who have in-depth knowledge of brand and trademark registration regulations and practices in Indonesia. Participants will also get the opportunity to ask questions, share experiences, and expand their network with other professionals and business owners.
10 Agustus 2023
 | 2:00 
– 4:00 PM (GMT+7) 
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The Speakers
Vidvant (1)

Vidvant Brahmantyo

Chief Executive Officer, Incorp Indonesia
Niluh Djelantik (1)

Niluh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik

Business Owner, Niluh Djelantik Shoes
Alfachreza (1)

Alfachreza Azure

Senior Business Consultant, InCorp Indonesia

About the Event

Indonesia is one of the fastest growing markets in Southeast Asia with a competitive business environment. In the face of intensifying competition, strong brand protection is an important key to business success in Indonesia. Brands that are well-known and recognized by consumers can provide a significant competitive advantage and enhance business reputation. Learn more about trademark registration with InCorp in this webinar.


Time Agenda
14:00 – 14:05 Opening Remarks by Vidvant Brahmantyo, CEO of InCorp Indonesia
14:05 – 14:35 Trademark Legalization for Entrepreneurs in Indonesia by Niluh Putu Ary Pertami Djelantik, Business Owner of Niluh Djelantik Shoes
14:35 – 15:05 Trademark Registration Process in Indonesia by Alfachreza Azure, Senior Business Consultant of InCorp Indonesia
15:05 – 15:55 Question & Answer Sessions
15:55 – 16:00 Closing Remarks