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Izin Kerja bagi Tenaga Kerja Asing dari Tiongkok: Panduan Sederhana

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  • 2 Januari 2024
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The economy in China has been growing tremendously and the country is expected to be the world’s largest economy within two decades, taking over the United States. More than 100 countries are now the economic partners with China, and Indonesia is no exception. Thanks to the geographical location of both countries, Indonesia also serves as an important trading partner for China. In reaction to such news, the government provide Indonesia work permit visa for Chinese workers who wants to work in Indonesia.

The Ministry of Manpower has recently issued Regulation 228/2019 on “Certain Positions that Can be Occupied by Foreign Workers”. This regulation relaxes foreign worker requirements in Indonesia, including foreign workers from China, in 18 sectors such as construction sector. Furthermore, Presidential Regulation 20/2018 was also enacted to attract more foreigners into working in Indonesia through Indonesia work permit visa.

The number of foreign workers in Indonesia increased by 38.6% between 2014 and 2018. As of 2018, more than 95,000 foreign workers were working in Indonesia with the highest number of them coming from China. Most of them work as professionals, managers, directors, commissioners, consultants, technicians and supervisors in Indonesia.

In order to work in Indonesia, a work permit is required for foreign employees from China. In this guide, you will read more about the latest regulation and how you can go about applying for your work permit in Indonesian as a Chinese national.

Changes of Indonesian Work Permit Visa Regulations

Effective from June 26, 2018, the Presidential Regulation 20/2018 laid out the important changes of working in Indonesia as a foreigner.

Chinese Foreign Employees do not Need IMTA

Previously, IMTA was required to obtain work permit for foreign workers. However, it is now combined with the Foreign Worker Utilization Plan or RPTKA approval in order to simplify the process.

Now it serves not only as a work permit for foreign workers, but also as the basis for the authority to grant a limited stay visa (VITAS) that can be converted into limited stay permit or izin tinggal terbatas (KITAS/ITAS).

Certain Positions do not Need RPTKA approval

The RPTKA Approval is no longer required for foreign directors and commissioners with a certain ownership of shares in the company.

The RPTKA Approval is also exempted for foreigners who are engaged in diplomatic and consular activities, hired by a local employer for emergency activities, as well as vocational activities for Indonesian tech-based startups.

However, it is also worth noting that this exemption for startups only lasts for three months, after which the company must apply for the RPTKA Approval.

Restrictions on Job Positions for Foreign Employees

Note that there are certain job positions that are prohibited for foreign workers. According to the Minister of Manpower Decree No. 349/2019, foreigners are not eligible to work and obtain Indonesia work permit visa for the following positions:

  • Personnel Director
  • Industrial Relation Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Personnel Development Supervisor
  • Personnel Recruitment Supervisor
  • Personnel Placement Supervisor
  • Employee Career Development Supervisor
  • Personnel Declare Administrator
  • Personnel and Career Specialist
  • Personnel Specialist
  • Job Advisor
  • Job Advisor and Counselor
  • Employee Mediator
  • Job Training Administrator
  • Job Interviewer
  • Job Analyst, and;
  • Occupational Safety Specialist

Insurance Program for Chinese Foreign Workers

All foreign employees must be included in the insurance program with registration at BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (employment social security), as long as they have worked in Indonesia for at least 6 months.

Compensations for Foreign Employees in Indonesia

Foreign workers will be paid the usage compensation fund, or DKP. The payment of US$ 100/month to each foreign worker or each foreign position is compulsory by the foreign employers.

Mandatory Use of Indonesian Language in Training and Education

The policy mandates the obligatory use of the Indonesian language in training and education for foreign workers in Indonesia. This directive applies comprehensively, encompassing all instructional activities aimed at non-Indonesian employees within the country.

The primary objectives of this policy include fostering linguistic uniformity, improving communication between foreign workers and the local community, and encouraging cultural integration. By conducting training and education exclusively in the Indonesian language, authorities aim to ensure a more cohesive working environment.

Submission of Foreign Worker’s Report

It is compulsory for employers in Indonesia to submit their foreign employee’s report to the Ministry of Manpower once a year. Previously, the submission was required every 6 months.

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