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Educational project in Zambia

The purpose of this event was to empower more than 50 orphans and former street kids and help them with setting life goals in various fields based on their interests. We aimed to open their eyes to opportunities in Zambia and beyond.

In total, four Cekindo employees prepared a presentation about life vision and goals and shared how the children can succeed in their lives, what opportunities are waiting for them in Zambia and other countries, and how they can become entrepreneurs and start their businesses.

Shitima School at Kabwe, Zambia, May 2017


Cekindo social celebration at our new office

Cekindo intended to share gratitude for its achievement, especially for an establishment of a new operational office.

We shared our gratitude and experiences with approximately 50 orphans in order to motivate and inspire them to set their life dreams and how to achieve them. After that, we had lunch and make a donation.

Cekindo operational office at Business Park Kebon Jeruk, May 2017


Donation to orphans at Palmerah district office

We decided to support more than 100 orphans and children living in poverty from more than 5 orphanages in surrounding area of the Cekindo office.

The main reason of the event was to show children that there are many people who care about their lives and prosperity. Our two colleagues motivated them, spent time with them while having breakfast and then gave presents to every child.

Palmerah district office, June 2017


Eco-library with Green-books.org

Cekindo decided to financially support an eco-library program, a program initiated by green-books.org. The NGO focuses on the environment and waste management and promoting sustainable living in Jakarta. By opening a new eco-library, 43 children got an opportunity to broaden their education about nature and environment.

Orphanage at Tebet, Jakarta, Indonesia, December 2017