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Energy and Environment

In Indonesia, the coal resources are at around 120.5 billion tons, proven natural gas reserves are at about 101.54 trillion cubic feet and proven oil resources area around 3.69 billion barrels.

These numbers have shown that Indonesia possesses many years of reserves.
Indonesia is also endowed with significant potential for renewable energy such as hydropower, solar, biomass, wind, and geothermal reserves.
In addition, the government also emphasises on environment issues especially water treatment and waste management due to the growing need for clean water supply in the country.


Indonesia is the major producer of a myriad contributing to the important source of national income. In 2018, Indonesia has spent IDR 30.1 trillion (USD 2,175 million) for the development of agriculture.


Indonesia continues to be a compelling player in the international mining industry. Production of minerals such as coal, copper, gold, tin, bauxite, and nickel are still significantly active due to the resource abundance in Indonesia.

Oil and Gas

Indonesia holds a huge market share in oil and gas. As of 2018, Indonesia holds proven oil reserves of 3.7 billion barrels and is the top 20 of oil producers in the world. The country is also ranked the world’s 5th largest natural gas producer.

Renewable Energy

More and more renewable energy solutions have been initiated in the country. Indonesia’s government plans to hit 23% and 31% renewable energy uses by 2025 and 2050 respectively.

Waste Management

The government in Indonesia has committed to maximising its efforts to resolve the country’s waste issue. The Indonesian government aims to have a 70% decrease in waste by 2025.

Water Treatment

The Indonesian government has issued initiatives to enhance clean water supply across the archipelago, with active foreign investments and technology from around the world.

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