The Expanding Horizons of Yurope Steel Indonesia: A Case Study

The Expanding Horizons of Yurope Steel Indonesia – A Case Study

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 2 February 2024
  • 3 minute reading time


After experiencing success abroad since 2003, Ms. Wenjun Yu, who was the owner and director of Yurope Steel, decided to venture into the steel trading business in Indonesia. During the financial crisis in 2008, she took a challenge to explore new opportunities which eventually led her to success in Indonesia. What began as a visit to existing clients turned into a 15-year business expansion in this diverse and dynamic archipelago.

Business Environment in Indonesia

As the director of Yurope Steel Indonesia, she stated that there are several factors that make Indonesia an attractive destination for business. She emphasized the vastness of the country’s land and demographics, including the young and growing population, which, when combined with a dynamic mix of technology and culture, creates a favorable environment for businesses. Additionally, she appreciates the friendly and open nature of the Indonesian people. They are accepting of new ideas, which makes Indonesia a unique and welcoming place for businesses.

Navigating Challenges

Despite the positive experiences, Yurope Steel Indonesia acknowledges the challenges faced during the initial stages. Bureaucracy, complex regulations, and unclear formalities posed hurdles, especially for foreigners unfamiliar with the local language. Legal assistance proved challenging, diverting attention from the primary business focus. Navigating through these challenges required time and patience.

Collaboration with InCorp Indonesia

Ms. Wenjun Yu shares the impact of partnering with InCorp Indonesia, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to return to Indonesia, she ensured business continuity through collaboration. InCorp Indonesia assisted in optimizing the operations of Yurope Steel Indonesia, offering valuable advice and support and providing peace of mind during uncertain times.

Trust and Confidence in InCorp Indonesia

Expressing confidence in InCorp Indonesia, the owner of Yurope Steel Indonesia, highlights the smooth process of obtaining a KITAS (Limited Stay Visa) as a recent positive experience. The assistance facilitated a hassle-free airport arrival and contributed to a sense of ease and reliability, reinforcing trust in InCorp Indonesia’s services.

Exceptional Offerings and Value

InCorp Indonesia’s assistance in navigating the bureaucratic process has been invaluable for Yurope Steel Indonesia, which heavily relies on import quotas for its trading business. The guidance provided by InCorp Indonesia on internal import quota procedures has given Yurope Steel Indonesia more direct information and control over critical business decisions.

Future Goals and Expansion

Yurope Steel is planning to expand its business to other industries and areas in Indonesia. The company is exploring opportunities in property and real estate and is already in discussions with InCorp Indonesia about the necessary paperwork and requirements. Additionally, in line with its evolving business, Yurope Steel plans to expand into other ASEAN countries, such as Vietnam.


The partnership between Yurope Steel Indonesia and InCorp Indonesia demonstrates not only their ability to overcome challenges but also their shared dedication to future development and prosperity. InCorp Indonesia is a reliable partner that helps to ensure smooth operations and navigate the complexities of the business environment in Indonesia and beyond.

Pandu Biasramadhan

Senior Consulting Manager at InCorp Indonesia

An expert for more than 10 years, Pandu Biasramadhan, has an extensive background in providing top-quality and comprehensive business solutions for enterprises in Indonesia and managing regional partnership channels across Southeast Asia.

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