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Accounting in Indonesia

Accounting and Tax Reporting in Indonesia – Deadlines, Warnings and Recommendations

Posted 2.12. 2015 by Cekindo , last update on 14.07. 2021

Understanding Accounting Indonesia: The Taxation System It is compulsory that any PT PMA has to pay taxes and report the company’s financial status as standard accounting in Indonesia. Many Indonesian taxes that should be paid by PT PMA are similar to what stakeholders should pay in different countries. Among them are monthly and annually withholding …

How to Open a Bank Account in Indonesia as a Foreigner

Posted 7.05. 2014 by Nurmia Agustina , last update on 23.06. 2022

For companies or foreign investors who want to invest in Indonesia, one of the things to understand is the process of opening a bank account and the type of account for business transactions. Understanding Bank Account Types in Indonesia In Indonesia there are three types of accounts: checking accounts, savings accounts and deposit account. Numerous …