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Benefits of Shared Office Spaces for Therapists in Jakarta

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 3 February 2020
  • 4 minute reading time

Shared office spaces are much more than a future solution or an office alternative for startups in a big city like Jakarta.

On the contrary, they are the solutions for businesses of various sizes and definitely present business resolutions for many organisations and entrepreneurs.

It takes many dedicated hours to build your business and your office becomes a daily reminder of why you do what you do, and a place for all your business communications and operations.

Therefore, flexible shared office spaces have been a god-sent to plenty of industries in this swiftly-evolving market and economy.

Shared office spaces have now become the best course of action for many entrepreneurs, including therapists, in Jakarta. They are a cost-effective and pliable option to conventional office leasing.

Read our top benefits of shared office spaces for therapists in this article.

Why Therapists in Jakarta should Use Shared Office Spaces

Great Flexibility

If you are considering a traditional office space to run your therapy business, you will immediately realise the burden that comes along with it.

Do you have the financial ability to pay for the initial setup costs, monthly utilities, and full-time administrative staff? Are you ready to fully commit yourself to a long-term lease?

A shared office space takes care of all of that, thanks to its flexibility. You now have the option to choose from different packages according to your requirements: from short-term lease to long-term lease. This frees you from the baggage of owning or renting a property.

Low Costs

Setting up a new physical office can be expensive and time-consuming, even for a temporary office. With shared office spaces, you do not have to worry about spending a big chunk of your money for office setup and overheads.

With just a fraction of the traditional office’s costs, a shared office space include all essential services to run your business seamlessly: high-speed WiFi, phone and fax facilities, printing and scanning equipment, administrative support, and cleaning and maintenance services.

Now, you can save a considerable amount of money and invest them in growing your business.

Comprehensive Amenities

Many modern shared office spaces offer clients exclusive membership benefits to many amenities such as cinemas, restaurants, spas, bars, gyms and other recreational and entertainment.

Therefore, conducting your therapy business with all the benefits provided from a shared office space means that you are able to achieve work-life balance.

Prime Location and Soothing Environment

The job of a therapist is to assist their clients to deal with physical and emotional issues in order for them to achieve a better life. Therefore, an office environment that helps soothe people’s minds and bodies is critical to a successful therapy business.

A therapist running their business in a shared office space makes the office environment relaxing and comfortable for patients. Besides, the prime location of a shared office space means that the therapist can be conveniently accessed by patients whenever they need assistance.

Cekindo’s Shared Office Spaces in Jakarta as well as Bali and Semarang

Cekindo provides state-of-the-art shared office spaces not only in Jakarta, but also in Bali and Semarang that are tailored to every size of business.

Our shared office spaces are situated in five-star locations, allowing you to operate your business efficiently and boost your company brand.

With flexible monthly and yearly subscription packages, you can now run your business around the world, temporarily or permanently.

The highly practical shared office solutions from Cekindo give you the rights to enjoy all the office facilities and personalized administrative support by only paying for the space.

Now you can simply rent a shared office space in Jakarta, Bali or Semarang from Cekindo, and jumpstart your business right away. You should focus on your business essentials and let Cekindo worry about the rest.

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