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Regulations on Company Name in Vietnam

  • InCorp Editorial Team
  • 6 May 2020
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Among so many countries in Asia, Vietnam is considered one of the top destinations for foreign individuals or enterprises to start a new company or to extend their business. Therefore, with the increasing foreign investments and business registration in Vietnam, the Vietnamese government also enacted several policies and incentives that are favorable for foreign investments.

The business registration in Vietnam doesn’t have to be complex and scary if you know how to seek proper help from professionals or consultants. These experts will point you in the right direction especially when it comes to business registration laws and regulations in Vietnam.

In accordance with Vietnam Company Law, one of the key regulations to fulfill business registration in Vietnam is to name your company appropriately.

In this article, Cekindo will explain the monumental role of a company name for your business and how you can go about to reserve and register it.

Requirements for Naming a Company in Vietnam

All types of legal entities in Vietnam must have their name chosen, reserved and registered.

Choosing a name sounds easy but you will have to follow the below requirements when naming your company:

  • You must select three business names
  • If it is a foreign company, it must have a Vietnamese name, a foreign name and an abbreviated name
  • Letters, symbols, and numbers may appear in the company name
  • All names must be submitted to the Trade Register in Vietnam to make a reservation
  • You must also submit the abbreviated name to the Companies Registry
  • No company in Vietnam should have already used the name you have submitted
  • The structure of the legal entity that the business operates under must also be included in the company name

Next Steps after Choosing a Company Name

Within a few working days, after your company names have been submitted to the Trade Register, the Companies House will inform you if your company name is approved.

Once your company name is approved, the next step will be incorporating your legal entity in Vietnam. You can now use the approved name for your business registration in Vietnam.

For more information about forming your company in Vietnam, please contact Cekindo’s specialists.

Requirements and Process for Changing a Company Name

Only under certain conditions that you can change your company name in Vietnam:

  • Your company name is too general or it confuses people
  • Your company name does not apply to your current new business activities
  • Your company is acquired by another company
  • You want to rebrand your company

Cekindo can help you change your business with the following basic steps:

  • Vote in the shareholder’s meeting to change the company name.
  • Send a request to the Trade Register regarding the name change.
  • Once the new name is approved, amend the company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Notify relevant authorities about the name change
  • Change the company’s seal and official documents with the new company name.

Business Registration in Vietnam with Cekindo

Vietnam offers excellent options in commerce and trades and has emerged as one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

Therefore, if you are planning to expand your business outside your country, then you must be familiar with the process of business registration in Vietnam – naming your company correctly is one of them.

Other than naming the company, the changing and complex Vietnam business registration can be a tricky task for entrepreneurs who are new to the country.

Therefore, Cekindo can serve as your professional business registration consultant in Vietnam to provide you solutions that are customised to your business activities. You can now avoid piles of paperwork and set up your company in Vietnam at a reasonable cost.

For a quick, easy and clear consultation, contact our friendly business setup experts now. Fill in the form below.

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