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We have filtering all question and answer from our clients about representative office in Indonesia, to help you get more hints about representative office process here. Check this!





Business Address

  • Is there any requirement /qualification premises for Representative Office?
  • Does you provide a Registered Office Service?
There are no specific requirements, but it has to be located in an office building. You can use our virtual office, or serviced office services. However, please kindly note that if you are using only virtual office you have to have an operational office space in at least an apartment
Legal Representative and Public Officer

  • What is requirement of the representative?
  • What is requirement of the Public Officer?
  • Currently SEA Managing Director (Ms. Shim) would like to be the responsible person in Jakarta. She will reside in Malaysia. Is he qualifying for legal representative?
  • In addition, there is a sales staff in Jakarta where she is a Malaysian.
  • Possible to arrange work permit for her. Pls. provide me the quotation.
  • Is there any limit of headcount in Representive Office? Intend to have 2 staff in Indonesia.
  • The document will be such as AOA, Passport of the director, etc. Once we engage on the cooperation, we will send the rest of the required document
  • The Public Officer will be known as Chief Representative Officer in Indonesia. There is no specific requirement; Ms. Shim is legally qualified although she has to also reside in Indonesia.
  • A representative office has a limitation in sponsoring foreign employees; it is limited to the Chief Representative Officer and the Assistant of Chief Representative Officer. Although we can assist you to sponsor one more foreigner, but the head count is limited to maximum 3 people.


Legalization of Documents

  • What documents to be legalized?
  • What documents SEA needs to submit for the application (i.e. Business Registration Form …)?
  • Does Representative Office accept English translation Documents?
  • Will be explained after the engagement.
  • Will be explained after the engagement, however once you engage with us, we will take care the application process
Bank Account in Jakarta

  • Does Representative Office mandatory requires to open a bank account in Jakarta?
  • We plan to transfer money from HSBC Malaysia to trustee account (i.e. Your Consultant Company)?
  • We will transfer monthly staff payroll data & money for the consultant (Moore Stephen).
  • Yes, Representative Office is required to open a bank account in Jakarta, we may also assist you as stated in the proposal
  • We also have included scheme for payroll services in the proposal. You will be able to entrust the money and payroll to us.


  1. Application for Certificate of Registration
  2. Graving of Common Seal
  3. Registration of State Tax Bureau and Application for Tax Code
  1. 2 (two) months
  2. Please provide further explanation
  3. Included in 2 months stated above


  • Complying to Legal Human Resources Statutory
  • Payroll Reports
  • Transfer of payroll & staff claim money from Headquarter.
  • Annual Filing to Legal Statutory Bodies


  • Our payroll service has included the regulatory compliances
  • Our payroll service has included the payroll reports and payment slip
  • Our payroll service has included the transfer of payroll service
  • Our payroll service has included the monthly and annual tax filing
  • Can SEA maintain the booking record in Malaysia?
  • Any legal filing requirements for Representative Office?
  • Yes, the booking record can be done from Malaysia
  • There are monthly tax filing report and Investment Report (LKPM) to BKPM annually


  • Tax Filing for Company.
  • Tax Filing for Individual.
  • Any time limit requirement as Representative Office in Indonesia, Jakarta?
  • Yes, company should do tax filing both monthly and annually.
  • Yes, employees should do tax filing annually.
  • Representative Office has 3 years of validity and can be extended for 2 more years.


  • What is the procedure for the termination process?
  • What is the time frame for on this process?
  • Will be explained after engagement.
  • 7 working days.

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